Mock Draft Fan Poll: Round 6

In the fifth round, Bills fans selected ILB Mark Herzlich with 43% of the vote.  In second was CB prospect DeMarcus Van Dyke with 18%, followed by fellow CB Josh Thomas who got 12% of the vote.  SS Robert Sands rounded out the polls with 11% of the vote.   Here is your mock draft:

Round 1: DL Marcell Dareus - Alabama (31% - 33%)
Round 2: QB Jake Locker - Washington (13% - 33%)
Round 3LB Quan Sturdivant - North Carolina (29% - 39%)
Round 4OT Joseph Barksdale - LSU (26% - 38%)
Round 4: TE Virgil Green - Nevada (26% - 31%)
Round 5: LB Mark Herzlich - Boston College (43% - 43%)

Now I leave it in your hands to decide who to select the Bills sixth round pick.  Go crazy on the comments, feel free to talk about the new schedule if you want and Go Bills!

RB Mario Fannin - Auburn [5-10, 231, 4.37]
Despite playing as a third down running-back, Fannin wowed analysts with his big frame and quickness.  At Auburn, Fannin recorded 1,366 yards rushing on 233 attempts (5.8 a carry) with 11 TDs, not to mention 97 receptions for 985 yards and 9 TDs.  An excellent blocker, but Fannin needs better ball security.

RB Stevan Ridley - LSU [5-11, 225, 4.65]
Ridley is another power back option noted both his consistency , bloacking ability and physical level of play this past season.  Ridley has 306 carries for 1,419 yards and 19 TDs in three years and just came off of a 1,000+ yard rushing season.  The only drawback is that Ridley lacks great speed, choosing to overrun opponents than shifting around them.

OT Byron Stingily - Louisville [6-5, 313, 4.96]
A left tackle prospect, Stingily emerged from undrafted lands to late round commodity due to his large size and impressive speed shown in his pro-day.  He has great athleticism, but will need to fine-tune his developing blocking techniques in pass and run protection.

DL Cedric Thornton - Southern Arkansas [6-3, 309, 5.25]
Thornton could have been a higher ranked player in last year's draft before his stats slacked off in his senior year. Still 132 tackles and 10 sacks in the last two years is not that bad.  Thornton has the athleticism for a 304 DE, but will need to become quicker before seeing field time.  

OLB Steven Friday - Virginia Tech [6-3, 240, 4.66]
Friday is a DE/OLB prospect who started to come to form in the last two years with 77 tackles and 12 sacks.  He has good speed, but would likely have to gain some weight before getting playtime.   

OLB Bruce Miller - Central Florida [6-1, 254, 4.81]
I know for some of us, we miss chanting Bruuuuuce.  Miller gives us that opportunity in a few ways.  In four seasons, Miller racked up an impressive 197 tackles and 36 sacks.  His forte include his speed and strength.

ILB Mario Harvey - Marshall [5-11, 257, 4.46]
A small school prospect, Harvey deserves a curtain call due to his bloodiness.  Despite having taken two inside linebackers already, I know some people only view Poz as the only ILB a spot on the roster next year (this of course assuming we re-sign him). With 421 tackles and 21 sacks in four years, including a huge senior season, Harvey's speed and tackling skills overcome his shortness.

CB Rashad Carmichael - Virginia Tech [5-10, 192, 4.53]
Charmichael has a good combination of awareness, speed and tackling.  He has recorded 114 tackles and 10 interceptions, the majority of which have come in the last few years.  Carmichael needs to develop man -coverage skills and better run defense.

SS Eric Hagg - Nebraska [6-1, 209, 4.62]
A strong player for one of the better college defenses, Hagg has the ability to play strong and free safety.  In three years, Hagg recorded 127 tackles and 6 interceptions.  Hagg is a quick intelligent player but will need fine tuning to evade blockers and diagnose holes despite his current play-making value.  

SS Jeron Johnson - Boise State [5-10, 212, 4.51]
Johnson is a fearless player whose contact seeking performance and power make him a good late round pick. In four years, Johnson compiled 325 tackles and 8 interceptions.  One thing that is holding back Johnson is that many view him as a injury waiting to happen for his physical play, although he largely remained unscathed in college.

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