My Dream Draft - 4 rounds

Okay, here it is.  I've made my final determination.  This is my dream (somewhat realistic) draft for us.  It starts with a trade, that probably won't, but should happen.  Carolina takes Newton and Denver takes Dareus.  OBD wants Von Miller.  Cincy and Arizona both want Gabbert.  Arizona trades us their first and second rounders to jump ahead of Cincy to get Gabbert.  It works out almost perfectly on the draft value chart.  OBD would be crazy not to make this trade if available, because Cincy most likely won't take Miller, so OBD gets the player they want and an extra second rounder.

With our first rounder, we select Von Miller.  Gets us our OLB and huge pass rush upgrade.

Our first second round pick is either Ponder/Mallet/Locker/Kaepernick/Dalton, whichever is still there and that OBD likes.  I believe it will be Ponder, but either way, we get a QB to groom behind Fitz.

With Arizona's second rounder, we select either Ballard/Heyward/Wilkerson, whichever is left and I believe at least one will be on the board with that pick. That gives us a solid 5-tech DE to put in the rotation with Carrington and Edwards.

Our third rounder will be OT Carpenter/Gilbert/Barksdale.  Any of them would be a solid RT for many years to come.  I really like Carpenter and think Gailey will be high on him after working with him in the Senior Bowl.  I think he could be a LT down the line.

The first fourth rounder will be Kelvin Sheppard.  He should be on the board with this pick and he'll be a nice complement to Poz at ILB.  I've heard from many places that Nix loves him, so I think he'll be the pick there.

With the other fourth rounder, BPA.  We've filled several huge holes with the first 5 picks.  So I can see them grabbing the best TE, CB, ILB or safety available here.  Guys like Virgil Green, Colin McCarthy, Casey Mathews, Demarcus VanDyke could be solid considerations here.

So essentially we'd be upgrading our pass rush (and pushing Kelsay to the bench), getting our QB of the future (hopefully), a big, run stopping addition to our defensive line, an upgrade at RT, and a run stuffing ILB with this draft.  Some of the names may not be there, but I think there are solid options available at each selection to make this mock somewhat realistic.

So, what do you think, would you be happy with a first four rounds looking something like this: Von Miller, Christian Ponder, Christian Ballard, James Carpenter, Kelvin Sheppard, and Virgil Green?

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