What if the fans locked out the NFL

Count me among those that are growing weary of the so called labor negotiations in the National Football League.  Fighting over who gets their share of the billions made from television, advertizing and the hard earned money of US the fans.

Maybe it is time for the fans to stand up and add our opinion towards the so called negotiations.  What if they settled the contract and no one showed up to buy tickets, no one turned the game on their televisions, no one bought t shirts, jerseys, hats.

One week of zero television ratings, zero dollars in ticket and parafhanilla sales, zero dollars spent on concessions.

The people that have personal seat licenses suing for breach of contract, they were promised football when they signed on for the right to lease the seat from the team after all, those corporations that own corporate boxes suing for the same reason.

As Buffalo Bills fans we are exposed to advertizing on how exciting the new season will be.  Only to be given a sub-par product. 

If I bought a television and it did not work as advertized I could return it.  Same for about anything else I might purchase.

We watch because we love the game.  We buy tickets because we are loyal.  We purchase jerseys, hats, sweat shirts because we are fans.  We as loving loyal fans have made you the owners and players wealthy beyond our imaginations because we love our team(s).

When you sit down to the negotiation table next, think of the fans and not your wallets.  Think about how you can thank us.  If there are billions to go around and you can not think how to share, while most of us live week to week on our paychecks yet we scrape up enough money to get to the game, pay for parking, spend at the concessions sporting the jersey of our favorite player and cheering for players that will somehow let us down at some point.  Yet we come back week after week.  Talk for countless hours between Sundays about what we are doing right, wrong or can improve upon.

Football is a business and we understand that.  We understand only the chosen few are privileged enough to play the game.  We also understand the value of a dollar.

Think about who matters more, the big payday or those who make that pay day possible.  Think about running out of the tunnel onto the field to the sound of silence and not the cheers that fuel your egos and bank accounts.  Think about where you would be if we locked you out.

Empty stadiums would hurt both sides.  No television ratings would hurt both sides and the networks and advertizers that spend billions trying to sell their product. 

I do not think the government would be there to bail either side out.

We the fans could make a huge difference if you choose not to play this year.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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