Mock Draft Fan Poll: Round 7 (II)

For the first of the Bills seventh round selections, the fans chose CB Byron Maxwell with 32% of the vote.  In second was a running back with 10% going to Anthony Allen and 7% for Darren Evans.  In a three way tie for third was OT Matt Murphy, ILB Nick Bellore and DL Brandon Bair with 12% of the vote.  Here's the mock so far.

Round 1: DL Marcell Dareus - Alabama (31% - 33%)
Round 2: QB Jake Locker - Washington (13% - 33%)
Round 3LB Quan Sturdivant - North Carolina (29% - 39%)
Round 4OT Joseph Barksdale - LSU (26% - 38%)
Round 4: TE Virgil Green - Nevada (26% - 31%)
Round 5: LB Mark Herzlich - Boston College (43% - 43%)
Round 6: SS Jeron Johnson - Boise State (17% - 30%)
Round 7: CB Byron Maxwell - Clemson (32% - 32%)

Have fun voting for the last pick, and have a safe and happy Easter.  And to all those Sabres fans watching or going to the plaza tomorrow for Game 6, I am keeping my fingers crossed.  You shall have 24 hours to vote and comment before I post a recap on monday.  That shall leave time to do the Bills first round on tuesday and wednesday before thursday's draft.  Go Bills! (and Go Sabres!)

RB Allen Bradford - USC [5-11, 242, 4.53]
Bradford is a big power back who also has had experience as a fullback.  While he will need to take better care of the ball, Bradford has decent stats with 225 carries for 1,462 and 13 TDs in the last two years.

RB John Clay - Wisconsin [6-1, 230, 4.83]
Clay is a big power runner with two one thousand yard rushing seasons, but hurt his draft stock after losing thirty pounds and run slower.  Still, Clay is a strong goal line option with 629 carries for 3,413 yards and 41 TDs in three years and has yet to fumble.  

RB Brandon Saine - Ohio St. [5-11, 220, 4.40]
Saine is an all around running back who has good catching skills and rushing ability.  His 301 attempts for 1,408 yards and 9 TDs demonstrate that.  

OT Kyle Hix - Texas [6-7, 319, 5.44]
A tackle with experience on both sides of the line, Hix is a strong blocker who will need more development to adjust to the NFL's speed of play. 

TE Zach Pianalto - North Carolina [6-3, 256, 4.78]
Pianalto had 63 catches for 645 yards and 2 TDs in his last two seasons.  His stats could have been better with his good blocking and catching except for the fact that he has had a myriad of injuries over the years.  

DL Zane Parr - Virginia [6-4, 281, 4.79]
A 3-4 DE junior prospect, Parr has good speed, but will need to be more consistent and bulk up to play in the NFL at that position.  He has 81 tackles and 6 sacks in 3 years.  

OLB Doug Hogue - Syracuse [6-3, 235, 4.63]
A former running back turned linebacker, Hogue would need to likewise bulk up a bit for a 3-4 OLB or move to the inside.  Otherwise, he has good speed and that shows with 167 tackles and 12 sacks over his last two seasons.  

OLB JT Thomas - West Virginia [6-1, 241, 4.65]
Like Hogue, Thomas is an OLB that will need to bulk up a bit or move inside.  He has a very physical level of play with 202 tackles and 6 sacks in his career, and has had a few injuries. 

CB Mario Butler - Georgia Tech [6-0, 182, 4.65]
A starter at Georgia Tech, Butler has good pass covering ability, but needs to defend against the run better.  In three years as a starter, Butler accumulated 129 tackles and 4 interceptions.

CB Darrin Walls - Notre Dame [6-0, 191, 4.43]
Walls is a physical corner but needs to gain more consistency in his pass coverage.  Walls has accumulated 98 tackles and 5 picks in three years.  

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