Why Blaine Gabbert Should be the Pick

I'm gonna attempt to persuade some here to jump on the Blaine Gabbert wagon. Not a lot here are fans of Gabbert and I think more should have him at the top of the list of players they'd like the Bills to draft.

Reasons the Bills should draft Blaine Gabbert:

1. Athletic Ability and Size- He has the prototypical size of a successful NFL QB. 6'4 235lb is the perfect size for a QB. Tall enough to be able to see and read defenses and not a scrimp at all. He ran a 4.62 40yd dash time at the combine showing great speed for a QB. He has a big, strong, and accurate throwing arm that could make all the throws in the NFL and makes quick throws and reads. 

2. Production- Gabbert put up a stat line of 40TDs, 6,600 yards, and a 60% completion percentage, with 18 INTs in his 2 years as a starter at Missouri against top schools in the Big 12. He was consistent in his 2 years as a starter and very rarely did he ever have a game where he was completly horrid.

3. Potential- Gabbert has incredible potential to be a star in the NFL. He has tons of room to grow and with a coach in Chan Gailey that made Tyler Thigpen and Ryan Fitzpatrick successful in the NFL imagine what he could do with a big time QB that can run(which we know Gailey loves). He also has the great arm that Buddy Nix loves, like Philip Rivers. He could sit behind Fitzpatrick for a year to fix his biggest flaw, taking snaps under center, and be ready to become a starter at the start of 2012 or even middle of 2011.

4. Must Draft QBs Early- There was a post on Rumblings a while back showing the "success rate" of where QBs were drafted. Though there are many busts there are also many success' of QB's taken early and to win a team must take a gamble on a QB. After the 1st round the success rate of QBs plumett and other than rare cases of Tom Brady, Tony , Romo etc. Late round successful QBs are a huge rarity. Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder will be decent NFL QBs but I doubt either will ever be a big time QB to lead a team and other QBs like Colin Kaepernick and Jake Locker are going to take year(s) of work to become successful. Gabbert will take some work but will require less work and has greater potential than either Locker or Kaepernick. Also positions like DT and OLB can be found later in the draft unlike QB.

5. Clean Record- Blaine Gabbert has never been questioned with character issues unlike the other top QB, Cam Newton. Newton, likely to be drafted #1, may just be too large of a risk to take if he falls to #3. Newton if he is a success will be a incredible QB, but his bust rate is extremely high due to high character issues. Gabbert doesn't have said issues and wouldn't be a locker room distraction, as far as the public knows.

6. Face of a Franchise- This is my far the weakest argument and It's put in here as sort of a joke, but Gabbert has the face of a franchise. He is a great looking man with a great head of slicked back hair. Ok I'm done with my man crush on Gabbert

Those are the reasons I believe Blaine Gabbert should be the pick if he is available at #3. Hopefully I convinced some here that he is a better option than Von Miller, Marcel Dareus, Patrick Peterson etc.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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