My Final Thoughts On Draft Day 2011

in my opinion carolina will take cam newton 1st overall. i hope they do.

getting kicked off campus for stealing, throwng a laptop stolen property out a window, cheating at another campus his dad pimping him out to the highest bidder, his wish to become an icon and entertainer first most. he is ingenous and has scir

ampted answers and to me is uncoachable. did i mention he cant call plays or read defences. 

if marcel darius falls to 3rd, that is a gift and should be taken

i dont believe in anything general mngr nix says. he wants a qb at the top of the draft and he wont trade down. lets hope hes not that dumb. yes, we need an elite franchise qb but we just so happen to be in a wek qb class. not evan mel kiper or tod mcshay has a qb in thier top tens. 

nix telegraphed cj spiller and ran up his choise within 30 seconds last year. that wont happen this year. he will take the best offer on the table. i hope hes that smart. 

stop the run, then rush the qb. von miller is a nice toy we allready have merriman, kelsay, and moats. ive heard him say he would pile talent on top of talent. patrick peterson fits this arguement as well as a shutdown corner. 

defensive end should be our top priority. but after marcel darius is gone, anyone else is a reach at 3rd overall. 

smoke n mirrors are coach speak this time of year. and we have many holes to fill. 

i have said before i would i like a trade down with san fran 3rd for 7th, 45th and 76th. the trade value points are close 2200 to 2160. 

their are now rumors that washington could give up 10th 41st and 1st pick in 2012. lets hope they like gabbert that much. 

i wouldnt mind several small drops 3rd to 5th then to 7th and then no later than 10th and thats pushing it. 

if we could add 2 or 3 2nd round picks i would be very pleased.

for our first pick 7th or 10th robert quin. de olb  he could split time with covington and split time at olb as an extra rusher. he can also drop into coverage. hes bigger than miller and faster than jordan.

at the end of the first i want teams so desperate for a qb to trade back into first rnd. this will drive quality players our way. just stay at 34. this pick is just to valueable.

with 2 or 3 picks in the second round i would like not in any order

kyle randolph te

jimmy smith cb

heyward ballard de 

ras i dowling cb

christian ballard de

in the 3rd round its either luke stocker or quan studivant 

witha pair of 4th rnd picks i would like mark herzlich a steal imo. and ot jospesh barksdale. his stock has fallen over the past several weeks. if he gone then jalil brown cb

in the 5th pernell mcphee and 6th roy helu rb 

id be too happy to care who we take in 7th a or b.a

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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