Mallett and Gailey - a match for me

I'm not quite sure that we'll be seeing Ryan Mallett in the second round simply because he's probably not considered a 'first round talent' by everyone considering he missed out on the run of QBs that saw Jake Locker and Christian Ponder both surprisingly taken in the top 12. Buddy Nix said himself that he considers this #34 pick another first rounder essentially and he expects to get 'another starter' out of the deal. This probably means that he isn't looking for a QB at all, especially with even some of the other second tier guys off the board like Locker and Ponder. Heck, Mallett might even fall to the third round, WalterFootball has had him stuck there a few times in his mock drafts. (Imagine, Rudolph in the second round, Mallett in the third!!) But either way, I would be completely for taking Ryan Mallett as the Bills work-in-progress QB of the future, even if he wasn't the teams first choice. The pick could also easily be Andy Dalton, but for the moment I'll just say that I like Mallett's raw skills just a bit more than Dalton's. The whole arm of gold thing, y'know?

Chan Gailey is a QB wizard, we're all aware of that. The guy has turned guys like Kordell Stewart and Tyler Thigpen (and Ryan Fitzpatrick) into pretty darn good QB's, despite all of those guys having average actual ability at the QB position. I've said before that the idea of giving him a guy who has great tools to work with even with faults will produce something even better, and Mallett fits that mold for me. I do not want the team to take a QB just for the sake of taking a QB like they did with Levi Brown last year, that's really just a wasted pick in my eyes. He will also have a complete year to work with the guy most likely as Ryan Fitzpatrick will be playing all next season and the Bills can probably even slot Levi Brown in as the second QB if he has improved enough in his time in Buffalo. I know I'm the only person who actually thought he looked rather good in his appearance late last year, but whatever. :)

As for the supposed character concerns and attitude, even if they aren't overblown I think that many times it can come down to coaching. If you've seen my signature you know that I run a soccer blog for the Colorado Rapids on SBnation, so I'm going to use an example of that since it's the sport I know best. Brek Shea is a player that most American soccer fans are familiar with. Brilliant amounts of talent, squandered by joking around and just sloppy play while playing for FC Dallas and the US National Team. Why so? He's under sloppy coaching. Schellas Hyndman and Bob Bradley are both decent coaches when it comes to tactics (except Bob Bradley) but both share a far too loose and timid coaching style. The Dick Jaurons of soccer, if you will. I've long lobbied for Brek to be moved to a place like Colorado where tough-nosed technician Gary Smith is the manager. The Chan Gailey type of coach who takes no excuses from his players and lets them know that if they don't perform to the best of their abilities, they're not going to be playing for very much longer. Shea may finally be able to realize his fantastic talents in a place like that; I think the same thing about Mallett. Under a soft coach, he will most likely fall under. Under a great hard-nosed teacher like Gailey, he has a chance to become something more.

Character concerns aside, I think that Ryan Mallett has the chance to go far in the current Buffalo system. While he may not thrive in a Josh McDaniels coached team, I think Chan Gailey is the perfect man to take Mallett and turn him into a good, even great, football player in just about every respect.

As a vibraphone player, allow me to give a demonstration of what I mean through video.
Basically Gary Burton here is Chan Gailey and Mallett is the mallets. :) Without a great player, the mallets are pretty much useless but once picked up by Burton they are almost certainly going to be used to skillfully make something awesome.

(Yes, half the reason I did this fanpost was so I could make the Mallett-mallet pun. Still, I meant the rest.)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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