a few quick notes about the first round

breakdown of the picks:

  • QB: 4
  • RB: 1
  • WR: 3
  • OL: 8
  • DL: 12 (though two or three are going to be playing OLB, elephant, or hybrid)
  • LB: 1
  • CB: 3

No TEs, ILBs, Cs (pouncey will likely play guard), or Ss taken. surprising that there were so many OL players when teams were commenting that it was a poor draft for offensive linemen this year compared to previous years.

here's the splits.

  • 50% offense, 50% defence
  • 25% offensive skill positions
  • 13% defensive skill positions
  • 63% - yes, 63%! - are trench players
  • 34% of drafted players are over 300lbs as of their weigh-in

it's worth noting that of the seven offensive skill players chosen, only two are definite starters (AJ Green and Julio Jones). Cam Newton are Christian Ponder are possibilities to be opening-day starters, but the other three are either committee players or developmental prospects.

a significant amount of these picks...don't make much sense at all.

  • the panthers, who have no locker-room culture, no offensive or defensive identity, no anything, pick the most polarizing player (besides tebow) in years to be the face of their franchise. there's no way that he sits behind clausen for more than a few games before getting tossed into an offense he will not be ready to run (no pun intended). the absolute best they can hope for is a team that doesn't get blown out of every game again. if they improve their overall passing yard average per game from last year, i'll be very surprised. 
  • where on earth is von miller going to play? you've already got a DE who is one of the best pass rushers in the game basically playing an elephant position already. i realize you can't have enough people rushing the passer, but it's not like dumervil or miller are great against the all. so your team already wasn't that great against the run to begin with...and you beef up the LB core with a guy who spend four years basically rushing the passer on every down? that doesn't make sense.
  • mark ingram represents good value for the saints, if they're planning on trading either chris ivory or pierre thomas. they aren't, as far as i know, and now that gives them three RBs (and one WR masquerading as a RB) that all need significant carries to get into a rhythm and work it out. none of those three are scatbacks or balance runners (they're all pretty much north-to-south runners), none of those three are game-breakers (they're all snow-shoed) and none of those three are guys that play well when they're only getting five to ten carries a game. oh, and you've got a top-3 QB. when the game is close, do you hand it to the committee or do you throw it? not worth the pick. not with a QB who is what, 33 years old? draft a young guy, mold him up. kaepernick, dalton, mallett, all of them would have been slight reaches but would have been a more smart pick than adding yet another weapon to this offense. there just aren't enough balls to go around. they already got the d-line help that they desperately needed, so why ruin it?
  • the vikings have no QB on the roster worth mentioning. ponder's clearly not a day-1 starter, so who are they planning on picking up to play this year? can't be kolb, they would have just traded their first rounder over to the iggles instead of drafting a QB that high. so who else is left?
  • james carpenter? really?
  • aldon smith means that the 49ers are going with alex smith for another season. or maybe that other guy. no, alex. maybe not. uh...
  • how long are the ravens linebackers going to play at such a high level? for that matter, how long is flacco going to stay upright if he gets sacked 50 times a season again? i realize this team needed talent in the backfield - their secondary was atrocious last year - but smith is too big of a risk, in my opinion, for this team. they needed someone who could come in and contribute immediately. there are CBs on the market if you want troubled players. aqib talib comes to mind. i would rather have an immediate contribution than someone that's got so many issues AND hasn't proven themselves. i know he's great at cover corner, but the ravens play in a division with the steelers (who pass a reasonable amount) the only team with a remotely noticeable passing offense. the bengals and browns are not dangerous in the air. however, all three teams have solid pass rushers who can get to the QB. they all have big running games, too.

lots of opinions, i know. of all of these picks in the first round, i think that the bills definitely got the best value in terms of BPA and need. falcons (best offense in the league?) and jags (great situation for gabbert to develop) are the others that i feel did exceptionally well for what they needed the most.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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