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Start off saying this is my first post. I'm on here 8-10 times a day reading all the posts, and I would just like to add some of my thoughts after this recent draft and reading comments from here and

First off like to say how excited I am about this draft!! This is the best draft the Bills have had in 10+ years and they haven't stepped on the field in my opinion. Marcell Dareus is the start of a great 1-2 punch with him and Meatball. This was a no brainer pick that will jump start the franchise.

The 2nd and 3rd round picks were solid as well. How can you complain? People were saying TE but Chan would rather use the likes of David Nelson in a 4 WR set than some TE and how can you blame him? David Nelson is a big target that can get Fitz out of trouble when its 3rd and medium. Continuing on the 2nd round topic, we didn't reach... a problem people have complained about with prior GM's, and we pick up a player that was in fact a position of need. McGee is solid but has injury issues, Florance is solid but already saying hes out, and putting "free agent" on his twitter page even though the fan base wants him back. And, McKelvin is hit and miss, but hopefully both can develop into a nice young tandem. So this pick was solid. Most draft experts believed that was a great pick. Lastly, people were complaining that the Bills should of went in a different direction than Sheppard. But, who knows Sheppard better than Chan and Nix? They must of saw enough out of his skills/potential to make the pick. For Tedy to say on ESPN that he loves a pick the Buffalo Bills made on day 2..... We must of picked someone right. He should help Poz become a better player. I feel Poz takes a lot of heat here because the players around him leave him out to dry, not because he Isn't a good player and Shappard should help.

I'll save my comments on the other rounds of the draft just to save you the read, but I feel they were smart picks, they weren't reaches and were all about what Buddy talks about "stacking talent".

My Last part is just about the nature of comments I've been reading. I've never been so happy after watching an entire draft and I wanted to post this because of the negative comments I've seen about Buddy, Chan and the Bills organization. The draft wasn't even over and people were saying  that our GM is "Incompetent" and "MY GRANDMA COULD OF AND WOULD OF PICKED DARIUS IT WAS A NO BRAINER….WHEN IT COMES TO BUDDYS DRAFTING HES THE LAUPHING STOCK OF ALL OTHER WAR ROOMS …another long list of buffalo uninspired bore of a drtaft" These quotes were simply copied and pasted not changed in any way. How can people be so negative when we are known as a fan base for being some of the most loyal fans in the game. Kiper, McShay, Mayock, and Teddy are all saying positive things about the Bills draft?! I'm seeing draft reviews for rounds 1-3 that are giving us "A's" I've never see that. It takes a GM to draft above and beyond in this day and age to get these people to praise the Bills....

Wrap up: All in all, I feel that this draft was the best I've ever watched in terms of filling talent and need. Also, like to say lets be happy about the pieces Buddy is putting together and a bit more positive about it. These players are going to be the corner stone of the franchise, they will take a look at these blogs and see what the fans say. I play college basketball and read the forms that are posted about the team. They would rather see the support than the "we should of got him" or "he was still on the board" Buddy and Chan did their homework, I have faith in the work they did!

Finish by saying, thanks for the read and Go Bills

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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