Defensive Personnel predicting 1st round pick

I figure that the Bills will go QB or D with the first round, I recently read someone questioning why go DL since they drafted so high last year?  So I thought I would break down the defense to see what would be the logical pick in terms of need meets BPA on the defensive side of the ball.

So I will start with DL.  DE With Stroud no more, we have Carrington, Edwards, Johsnson, and Mccargo.  Only two got significant playing time, Edwards and Johnson so we will pencil them in at starters.  Next we will go DT, Easy enougth with Meatball and Troup.So the line looks like 

Edwards - Williams - Johnson

        Carrington - Troup - Mcargo (if he makes the team)

LB's are solid with potential on the outside with Merriam, Kelsey, Moats, Batten, and Maybin.  Inside needs help with Ayodele, Poz, Davis, and Ellison and Torbor.  So LB's look like so

Meriman -Poz (Ayodele is no Poz)-Davis- Kelsey

Moats - Ellison,Torbor and Ayodele-Batten and Coleman

DB's  we have a group that could use help, Corner is questionable with Mcgee and Mckelvin, Florence might not be back and Yobouty and Corner will be Nickles or backups.  Safety we are solid, Byrd who is getting better in my opinion at free safety and Wilson at SS if Donte does not come back, with Corto and Scott as backups, we could use depth here.  So DB's look like 

Mcgee  - Byrd- Wilson (no Whitner) - Mckelvin (no Florence)

Corner - Corto - Scott - Youboty


From what i can see, the position in most need on defense of an impact starter is DE.  Spencer Johnson or Alex Carrington as the best two starter options are scary; Johnson is a more than able backup and Carrington will be good but is raw, but neither are the kind of guy that will make an offensive coordinater change his gameplan.  ILB can be said the same, but when judging need meets BPA, it would have to be DE.  I could also see CB as that position could use help and peterson is a beast.  Problem with the Peterson pick is they would still need to Address DE, so that would need to be #34 pick, which would mean Chix would most likely have to pass on the QB until the third.

Offensively I think it is safe to say QB is biggest need (although RT and TE are more in need of starter caliber), defensively we see DE is biggest need; so i think it comes down to who gets taken in the top two, and what we can get later on.  I think Von Miller would congest the OLB position too much, so i dont see  him a viable option.  Dareus at #3 and Ponder at #34 makes most sense to me.  If darues is gone, either Newton or Peterson will be there, and i think it comes down to one of those three guys, with Peterson pick meaning QB isnt tackled until the third.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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