Top 10 Trade?

We’ve heard some interesting comments from Buddy Nix. He largely sounds like a man who’d rather not deal with the complications of moving around on the draft board. Every now and then, though, he lets something slip that casts a little doubt as to his intentions. Most recently, he talked about not wanting to trade out of the top 10. Hmmmm. That interests me.

Following Buffalo in the top 10 are the Bengals, Cards, Browns, 49ers, Titans, Cowboys and Redskins. Of those teams:


  • QB needy: Bengals, Cards, Titans, Redskins, possibly 49ers
  • DT needy: Redskins, 49ers
  • Wheelers/Dealers: Cowboys, Redskins


In short, everyone but the Browns may have an interest in moving up. The Bills’ interest in trading down has a lot to do with how CHIX views near certain top 5 talent like Newton, Dareus, Peterson, Miller and Green. We know that the Bills tend to lock onto a guy, as evidenced by the quick Spiller selection. If the guy that CHIX really, really wants is someone like Cameron Jordan then Buffalo could look to trade down….particularly since Jordan is not a likely top 10 selection. More broadly, CHIX could have a group of guys (Jordan, Bowers, Quinn, Green, Locker, etc) rated more or less equally. The chances of all of those 5 being off the board by 10 are nil.


I had written a trade scenario Lose Your Own Adventure mock a while back. It’s time to take another look at possible trade down options, though this time without going through the actual mock…just the possible trade scenarios.



Arizona’s only motivation to trade up would be to leapfrog Cincy to grab a QB. Either Newton or Gabbert figure to be on the board at #3 and possibly both. If Wiz believes in a QB on the board it really wouldn’t cost the Cardinals all that much to move up.


San Francisco

The 49ers have a new coach and needs at DT and possibly QB. If Dareus makes it to #3 Harbaugh could pick up the phone. While he has touted Alex Smith (former #1 overall pick), it’s at least possible he could believe in a QB still on the board at #3…a QB who isn’t likely to be around after Cincy and Arizona make their picks



The Titans have a new coach and holes everywhere. If Newton slides to #3 it’s really easy to imagine Bud “Double Fisted Fingers” Adams demanding that Tennessee trade up and get the next, better, smarter Vince Young.  



Jerry Jones likes to deal. He also needs a CB and Peterson figures to be the best in the draft. I don’t know that Jones would really push it given that Prince is likely to be on the board at #9. It all comes down to how much more highly rated Jones has Peterson.



Dan Snyder can’t help himself. He chases every shiny ball and he also doesn’t seem to worry about little things like long term consequences. The Redskins need a DT now that Haynesworth imploded. Washington didn’t do much better with the McNabb situation and now the Redskins need a QB as well. The downside is that Washington has no 3rd or 4th round picks.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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