Quarterback Speed Scores

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct format for a post like this, but given the fact that Gailey is often rumored to like athletic QBs I thought I'd take a look at speed scores. The Speed Score is a metric used by football outsiders that takes weight and 40 time into account and predicts if that player will be a productive rusher in the NFL. Obviously this stat is usually used for running backs (link for 2011 RB numbers, you must be an ESPN insider to see the article), but I figured I'd take the formula and apply it to the top QBs of the 2011 draft. The formula used is: Speed Score = (Weight  x 200)/(40 time^4). According to the article I linked above the average first round RB has a speed score of 112, and the average running back is calculated at approximately 100. (QB analysis after the jump)

I only included QBs below that I have seen linked to the Bills at some point or another.


Name Weight 40 Time Speed Score ESPN QB Rank
Cam Newton 248 4.56 114.7 2
Jake Locker 231 4.50 112.7 3
Colin Kaepernick 233 4.53 110.7 7
Blaine Gabbert 234 4.61 103.6 1
Christian Ponder 229 4.63 99.7 5
Andy Dalton 215 4.82 79.7 4
Ryan Mallett 253 5.12 73.6 6


(Player weight and 40 time was obtained from ESPN NFL Draft information on QBs and the links on that page, you can see the weights without an insider membership, but to see the detailed scouting reports with 40 times I think you need to be an insider)

So this data tells us some stuff we already knew (Newton, Locker and Kaepernick are athletic and Mallett is very slow). But how do they compare to RBs? Well from the link I had above the RB with the best Speed Score this year is Mario Fannin from Auburn with 125.5, and the RB most expect to go first is Mark Ingram from Alabama with a score of 94.4 (much lower than the NFL RB first round average of 112).

So what does this mean? Well nothing in reality, but I was just curious how the QBs compared athletically, and the results show that Newton, Locker and Kaepernick all have speed/size ratios of the average 1st round RB and Gabbert and Ponder have about the same score as the average drafted NFL running back. (I was surprised that Ponder had a good 40 time and Speed Score, I never thought of him as mobile)

I hope this interests people somewhat, I was certainly curious to see what these numbers were. If people are right that Gailey likes athletic QBs then my bets are on Newton in the 1st round or Locker/Kaepernick in the 2nd round.

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