Paradox In A Can

Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton?  Forget about all other positions for a second.  If the Bills were to draft one of these guys which one do you think they should draft? Poll at bottom of page.

O.K. - so you guys (well the frequenters) know my affinity for big fat linemen this year, but I can't help to think i'd be giddy if we drafted Cam Newton (sorry Joe).  

It's an odd thing really - I don't like his run to pass ratio, I don't like the offense he came out of, I don't like his character concerns and i'd rather the Bills go else where.  I'm fully on board with guys like Dareus, Fairley or even Peterson or Green.  However, for whatever reason - I can't help but think i'd be super jacked if we picked him at 3 (if he's there).  

What is it about him?  Is it his amazing successful season?  Is it his size or athleticism?  

When I think about it I think the Bills would get an instant face of the franchise and a commitment to the QB position like one we've never had in my lifetime.  I really don't want the Bills to pick Cam or Blaine because they aren't "solid, safe" picks like I think we need to take, but I can't help thinking i'd be so stoked to have him lead our team.  I don't know what it is....

 I was ripping apart Marv Levy in another thread about his lack of winning without Jim Kelly and same goes for Mike Shanahan sans Elway and another thing popped into my head.  Outside of a few outstanding coaches (Bill Billichick), does the success of the team depend on the HC or QB more?  How many SBs are won with awesome QB's?  If you were to swap a lot of today's coaches and put them on teams with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and won some SB's would they be in the HOF too?  Chances are they would and is it really their doing or really the doing of the great QB?

I think that's why I'd be so stinking happy if we took Cam because he would represent that the team understands how much a QB means to the team - which is everything outside of getting to the QB on defense.  

I know I kind of ranted there - but you guys know what i'm getting at?  It's weird isn't it?

A guy I don't want the Bills to draft would make me more happy than picking safe solid players like Dareus or Peterson.

I guess deep down I just want the Bills to do whatever it takes to get to and win a SB because SB's are usually won by great QB play.  As far as this year - for whatever reason, I think Cam Newton fits that mold more than the others.

If you like Blaine Gabbert more than Cam Newton then that's o.k.  Ask yourself this though - sure you like Blaine more - but are you hesitant in wanting the Bills to take him?  If you are hesitant and would rather the Bills go safe and solid route would you be giddy if they did pick him?  I'm guessing you would.

That's how much a Quarterback means to his team.  That's why I could easily live with Cam Newton at 3.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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