Mock Draft Fan Poll: Round 2

After the first round of voting, the majority of the Bills fans opted to take a defensive lineman first overall with 31% for Marcell Dareus (33% total wanting to reinforce the D-Line).  In second, close behind was OLB Von Miller with 26% (27% for an OLB) of the vote.  In third was CB Patrick Peterson with 19% of the vote.  Only 10% wanted the Bills to draft a QB (6% going to Cam Newton).  Here are the results so far:

Round 1: DL Marcell Dareus - Alabama

A quick note about the quarterbacks listed below.  In my opinion, there are five QBs that can go as early as the second round or as late as the third round.  They are Locker, Ponder, Dalton, Mallett and Kaepernick.  For the sake of not making half the selections for QBs, I followed Todd McShay's QB rankings.  As such, I decided to only list the the first three of this group, Locker, Ponder and Dalton, in the second round.  That means if a QB is not selected in round 2, Mallett and Kaepernick will be available in round 3.   

Now that you guys selected a defensive lineman in the first, I am going to go dormant in that position until the fourth or fifth round, because while it is possible the Bills could draft two defensive lineman (McCargo's a bust), they would do so having drafted Troupe and Carrington in rounds 2 and 3 a year ago.  As always remember to comment and rec on people you would like to see in a Bills uniform in a few weeks.  


QB Andy Dalton - TCU [6-2, 215, 4.82]
       Dalton is quite an impressive QB who has largely been sailing under the Bills radar so far.  In each of his four years in college he has improved ending with a 13-0 season.  While he does not have the biggest arm, Dalton is extremely accurate having gone 812-1,310 (62%), 10,314 yards passing with 71 TDs and 30 INTs.  While not the fastest guy on the field, Dalton has some running ability, but has operated in pro-offensive schemes.

QB Jake Locker - Washington [6-3, 230, 4.50]
       An interesting prospect with a big arm, quick legs, but highly inconsistent.  After deciding to forgo last year's draft in which he was almost on par with Sam Bradford, Locker struggled in his senior year, although he was not helped by his receiving corps or offensive line much.  Playing mostly for a little more than three years, Locker has thrown 619-1,148 (54%), 7.639 yards 53 TDs and 35 INTs.

QB Christian Ponder - Florida St. [6-2, 229, 4.63]
       Like Locker, Ponder struggled in his senior year, more so do to injuries, but salvaged his draft stock via a good pro-day, combine and senior bowl.  As a three year starter, Ponder went 588-947 (62%) with 6,767 yards, 48 TDs and 28 INTs thrown.  Ponder has an above average arm, good running ability, a quick release and has good accuracy. Despite needing to read defenses better, Ponder benefits from operating in a pro-styled offense.  

OT Marcus Cannon - TCU [6-5, 349, 5.28]
       When you look at his size, many people were thinking he could be the next Mike Williams.  Rather, Cannon displayed an impressive speed for size.  Although he has trouble blocking smaller players than defensive lineman (leading to some experts picturing him as a guard), Cannon has the technique and ability to play right tackle.  Who knows... Gailey likes his linemen big.

TE Kyle Rudolph - Notre Dame [6-6, 259, 4.64]
       The best tight end this year despite a major (but not serious) injury, Rudolph is one of the biggest and fastest tight ends this draft.  A deadly combination of run blocking and catching, Rudolph could be the tight end the Bills have been lacking since Lonnie Johnson or Pete Metzelaars. In three years, Rudolph caught 90 passes for 1,032 yards and 8 TDs.  

OLB Brooks Reed - Arizona [6-3, 267, 4.64]
       Reed was an outside linebacker that emerged in his senior year.  In 3 years as a starter he recorded 107 tackles and 17 sacks and may have had more had he not sustained an injury partway through his junior year.  While he needs time to learn to cover opponents, Reed comes with the ability to play special teams as well.

OLB Jabaal Sheard - Pittsburgh [6-3, 259, 4.68]
       Sheard emerged on the strong side in his senior year following an injury to Greg Romeus.  In his career as a 3 year starter, Sheard recorded 141 tackles, 19 sacks (9 coming in his senior year).  Sheard has good pass rushing skills and is a sound tackler.  Another reason to consider him is that his former coach Dave Wannstedt is now the Bills LB coach who knows how to get production from him. 

ILB Martez Wilson - Illinois [6-4, 250, 4.42]
       Touted as the best inside linebacker of the draft, Wilson bounced back from a major neck injury for a strong senior year.  In his career, he recorded 222 tackles, 9 sacks, half of these stats coming in his senior year.  Although Wilson has incredible speed second to Von Miller, Wilson's lack of technique and footwork as seen in his pro-day has all but taken him out of consideration in the first round.

CB Brandon Harris - Miami [5-10, 191, 4.45]
       Harris is a capable second round cornerback who recorded 129 tackles 4 interceptions in 3 years.  Like Peterson, Harris is a shutdown corner despite lacking the same physical prowess with good speed and coverage on opponent wideouts. 

CB Aaron Williams - Texas [6-0, 205, 4.55]
       Williams is the other high second round commodity at corner.  With 89 tackles, 4 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles in his career, Williams has good coverage ability, but lacks elite speed which could push him over to free safety.  Still he has the size to cover bigger targets out there.

Go Bills!

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