53 man Roster...

At some point before the start of the season the BILLS will have to trim down to a 53 man roster.  Below is what I believe they should do.  I created it based on the depth chart Brian posted earlier.  Here goes:


The first thing I expect most to notice is that I've chosen to trade Lee Evans.  I've brought this up before and most rumblers disagreed with that choice, but It's necessary to trim down our receiving corps and Evans immediate loss could be in the best interest of the team long term.  Here's why I thought it could be a good idea:

   - Trading Evans for a draft pick (for argument's sake lets say a 2012 rd2), gives us valuable ammunition to trade up for the franchise QB we want in next years draft

   - Gailey has expressed concern over Evan's one dimensionality.  He's an excellent deep threat, but needs to become more consistent as a route runner.

   - Eisley-- who might just as well be a rookie this year-- is bigger, more physical and runs a slightly faster 40 time than Evans (4.38 vs 4.44)

   - Evans didn't bother to show up at CampFitz, but Eisley did.  Assuming Eisley and Fitz build some rapport and get on the same page, starting Eisley COULD be more productive (though that's debatable)

   - The Gailey / Fitz combo has shown an amazing ability to get all the receivers involved and productive

   - If Evans were to be traded, opposing Defenses would (obviously) focus their attention on Stevie.  This means Eisley would be "off the radar" like Stevie was last year, allowing him to rack up some good numbers (theoretically)


Another thing you Rumblers might notice is that I've chosen to retain a lot of the young guys at the expense of Veterans.  I've also decided to start these young guys over their veteran counterparts.  Just on defense, I picture the starting lineup to be: (first year starters in BOLD)

                                                   Carrington   ---   Williams   ---   Dareus

  McKelvin                         Kelsey   ---   Sheppard   ---   Batten   ---   Merriman                       McGee / Williams


                                                                 Byrd              ---              Searcy

Depending on the alignment, half of the defense will never have started / played a single game in the NFL.  Of course that doesn't bode well for the success of THIS year's team, but... I believe it would give them valuable experience for next year (the last year of CHIX's three year rebuilding plan) and make for an exciting season (in terms of watching our players grow into our system).  Unfortunately, I think this unexperienced defense would probably pave the way to a losing record, but... to be an optimistic Bills fan who's in this for the long haul... I think one LAST mediocre season puts us in a position to get our franchise QB, and have an incredible, mature defense the following year.

This strategy helps to explain why I chose not to pursue and re-sign Poz.  Don't get me wrong, I think he's a talented football player, but... CHIX seems to put a high premium on size, and at 238 he's a bit small.  his talents also seem redundant when paired with Sheppard, whom I'd much rather like to see paired with a thumper type ILB like (potentially) Batten or White.


One last thing before i sign out... There's a handful of Undrafted Free Agents I'd like to see us target.  Tops on my list would be TE Schuylar Oordt.  At 6'-6" 260, he's BIG enough to block, but talented enough to run routes and be productive.  Second would be to take a look at LB's Bellore and Herzlich for depth.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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