Bills Free Agents to really look at

These are the best possibilities that I think the Bills will pursue this free agency period. This is based on the knowledge that the Bills are frugal and will not go crazy picking up a  huge name.  Most guys I choose are under 30 and are able to help the Bills now and for a couple years down the line.

QB - 

Tyler Thigpen - Miami - He does have a great knowledge of the Gailey’s offensive system and could come in a win a couple games.  He could also be a potential future starter.

Bruce Gradkowski - Oakland - He does have starting experience and seems to get along with everyone in whatever locker room he is in.  Has a good head on his shoulders to understand Gailey’s system.

Travis Jackson - Minnesota - He does have talent.  He would be a huge work in progress and would be the highest risk of the three.  Potential is there to be a serviceable back up.

TE -

Zach Miller - Oakland - He is the best available and would be a huge weapon addition.  He can block for the run and has great hands.   This would be a splash pick up.

Kevin Boss - New York Giants - He is known for being more of a blocking tight end and then a  receiver.  Has proven to be a good red zone target.  Blue collar worker.  just what the Bills need.

OT -

Ryan O’Calloghan - Kansas City - He is a solid right tackle when he is healthy.  That might make him available on the cheap to the Bills.

Ryan Harris - Denver - He is a solid right tackle and would be an upgrade to the players currently on the roster.

Doug Free - Dallas - He is a solid left tackle and would cost the Bills alot.  He would be a solid upgrade on the left side to make Bell move to the right. 


Brandon Mebane - Seattle - He signed a huge deal with Seattle and is an every down player and solid against the run.  The deal would have to be right to bring him in.

Shaun Smith - Kansas City -  He would be a solid two down DE.


James Anderson - Carolina - He Is a solid tackler and could maintain the edge

Stephen Nicholas - Atlanta - Young guy who would be solid on the outside.


Poz - He is solid in the middle and knows the Bills System

Kevin Burnett - San Diego - Good Middle linebacker for a long time.  Solid tackler.

Stephen Cooper - San Diego - Solid worker and would work well in the system.

Brandon Siler - San Diego - This is a young player who could be brought along to be a good player.  This would be a flyer for the potential play.

Buddy Nix knows these players and since the team is getting a new defensive coordinator may be a better fit in Buffalo than with the chargers.

S -

Dwan Landry - Baltimore - Solid player against the run and is improving his cover skills.
Michael Huff - Oakland - Came on last season and would cost less than Whitner and would do well with a change of scenery.

DeAndre McDaniel - Clemson - This is one of the top rated safeties coming out of college BUT he has character issues.  Buffalo may be the place he could put those behind him.

These players would make the team better and give the drat picks we have a chance to learn the system.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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