Free Agents, The Year That Might Be and some other Mumbo Jumbo

Is it me, or is there a ton of optimism around this Bills team of late. i am seeing articles written about the Bills on Yahoo, among other places that I haven't seen in about 3 or 4 years or at least since 2008. Talking about the Bills missing 1 or 2 pieces from being a true playoff contender?????? Maybe so, and I truly hope so, but are we really that close?

This draft proved 2 things to us Bills fans:

1: Buddy does not care what the Media thinks and will do his own thing no matter what.

2: He really wants to improve the defense on this ball club.

How about the personnel changes to our much maligned front office, bye bye Tommy Boy, and please bring the presence we need Doug Whaley. I really hate to say this but please turn us into half the franchise Pittsburgh has been for the last 10 years please do it, please.

I've read and seen some post about free agents and I thought I would just my 2 cents to the conversation. We really need to address the backup QB situation which as most of us know by now is priority #1 of our front office. I am taking the veteran presence stance, a guy like Matt Hasselback or Kerry Collins would be a great fit in my mind. These guys have won, are no where near where they were at one time but know how to be professionals, which is what a young team like the Bills really needs, a veteran presence. Priority #2 will be grabbing an established player in the secondary whether it be another corner or a safety we need to fill some holes in the secondary, ideally wouldn't we love to Asoughmuga or however you spell that last name but a guy that is available that could really help us depth wise is Ike Taylor, a guy that has played in a respectable defense his whole career and would bring some much needed swagger to our lack luster defense. Priority #3 is between 2 positions either TE or OLB and as neither seem to be very high on Buddies Priority list I can't see them adding anyone who has a legitimate NFL career here most likely to add UDFA's IMHO.

What are we going to do if there is no NFL this year?????? I'm Canadian and will be in tears without the NFL, and not to stereotype but Americans love them some football so I just hope we have a season.

How about North Carolina eh? 9 players drafted and it just seems to me like they were never mentioned as a legitimate contender in the NCAA ranks, to me, that just seems weird, to have all that NFL talent on your roster, and still not  be able to be a huge winning program in the NCAA, I know Austin and Quinn were suspended but still thats 7 players that are considered to be NFL talent. Weird

David Nelson, Arthur Moats and Chris Whyte will have huge impact seasons for the Buffalo Bills, if you were to ask me what young guy on this team is going to stand out other than Dareus these are the 3 guys I would say. Whyte will be the thumper this team has been lacking. I watched some film on him after the Bills drafted him and he is the definition of a hard worker, he will be a starter in this league for years to come. He works hard he plays hard and hes a big kid, perfect to play beside PaullyP in the 3-4. Nelson just strikes me as the kid with never ending potential due to the fact he just wants to succeed. Everywhere hes been he's succeeded that says something, I don't know what, but it says something.Last but defiantly not least Arthur Moats, will take full advantage of the fact he has Chris Kelsay and Sahwne Merriman in front of him and become a situational pass rusher, which in my mind will benefit him immensely. He will come in and focus on 1 thing, getting to the QB, I firmly believe this will help him and he will develop into a true pass rusher, and really, I think that's all we can ask from our 6th round selection in 2010.

I might be in the minority here, but I really have this eery feeling that Aaron Maybin will show up to camp 15 to 20 pounds heavier, and in the best shape of his life ready to play football. He will come in and kill it in the pre season and have us believing he can be the player we invisioned him to be when we selected him 11th overall in 2009. He will create a huge stir at the OLB position, and because of this we will release a guy like Coleman or someone else and Maybin will go back to being the plug he has always been. If this doesn't happen someone quote me and remind me I said this but I just have that feeling ya know.

My final thought of the day is based upon the fan post about who's jersey would you buy going into this year and I wanted to elaborate a bit. I like some, get frustrated when I buy a jersey and then the guy whose jersey I bought somehow, some way finds his way off the Bills roster. I bought a Donte throwback last year and whatta ya know hes probably not going to be a Bill this year. Because of this I chose Eric Wood, a guy I really think will be a Bill for a long time to come, so without further ado I will be purchasing a Eric Wood jersey before the summer is over. if you have a better idea for a jersey please feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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