Crazy in Canada!! Long time reader , first time poster !!

The Story of how Flutie changed a young man's life!!


The year..1998, the day....Oct 18, now I know everyone on here knows this date so a little background about me.


Born 1974,

Realized at an early age I was better at video games than real sports,

1990, bought a Sega Genesis along with The 1st Madden NFL game. Used the Bills and kicked ass

1990, started following the Bills and became hooked( for obvious reasons)

1996, got engaged to a woman who everyone but me loved

1997, started living on my best friends couch( for obvious reasons)

And this is where we begin.

From the time I first used the Bills on the Sega Genesis I was hooked, not only were they kicking ass in make believe, but in real life too...It was a win/ of course anyone I came in contact with in my life needed to know just how awesome they( The Bills ) really were (tough to convince people after 4 straight superbowl loses). I was committed to the cause, and my greatest conversion came on that day, Oct 18,1998. To set the scene, the couch I was happily living on at the time was owned by my best friend/roommate, he had grown up in Edmonton during the City of Champions days, he had Wayne Gretzky to look up to and his Dad was a trainer for the Eskimos and friends with Warren Moon ( Which makes the comeback that much sweeter for me). Myself , grew up on the east coast(Halifax) , HATING the CFL!!! Sure it was Canadian BUT it is Garbage!!! Ok, my point is my roomie grew up expecting excellence, and grew up with a pro team in his city  (We had The Nova Scotia Voyageures) so anytime we would conversate he would always bring up his silly CFL crap............He's a Flutie fan from his loving of the CFL, so when the Bills sign him he gives the NFL a story short.......I made him watch the Jax / Bills game..he tells me if the Bills win the game he will become a bills fan along with me(based on his love for Flutie and as long as Flutie plays) . When Flutie ran in the winning touchdown on 4th and 1, we exploded..he now is a life long Bills fan and we both have matching Tattoos ( Left Bicep ). He now hates the CFL, and we both go to every game in Miami!! There is a lot more to the story but I'm a terrible writer. If one person enjoys this I did what I came here to do. GO BILLS!!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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