Bills 2010 Film Review: Week 11 At Cincinnati (Second Half)

CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 21: Steve Johnson #13 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates after scoring a touchdown during NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on November 21 2010 in Cincinnati Ohio. The Bills won 49-21. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

I won't bore you with the usual preamble to this post. The Buffalo Bills outscored the Cincinnati Bengals 35-0 in the second half of a Week 11, 2010 game to wrap up a 49-31 win. You want to read about all the fun things that happened, so let's get right to it.

Week 11, second half: Bills outscore Bengals 35-0, win 49-31 - NOTES

  • Demetrius Bell slips and misses a run block on Michael Johnson. Corey McIntyre seals him off, but it leaves Keith Rivers unblocked. Fred Jackson makes him miss and picks up eight yards, anyway.
  • Eric Wood gets his leg caught in a pile, and a Bengals lineman buckles him backward over the line. Wood done for the game. Kraig Urbik takes his place at right guard.
  • Andy Levitre called for a false start, turning 3rd & 1 into 3rd & 6.

Week 11, second half: Bills outscore Bengals 35-0, win 49-31 - NOTES (cont.)

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick takes a hit from a free linebacker on a blitz, but still hits Stevie Johnson underneath for a first down.
  • Fitzpatrick throws way behind Lee Evans on a timed hitch. Evans was open on the play, and had no shot at the ball.
  • Donald Jones takes a huge hit from Chinedum Ndukwe, hangs on for a first down. Fitzpatrick makes a great throw, dropping it in between a corner and a safety.
  • Against a Bengals zone, Fitzpatrick hits Johnson in the seam on another great throw. Johnson jukes the safety out of the picture and scores. ("Why So Serious?") Cincinnati's lead now 31-21.
  • Reggie Torbor crashes too hard, loses backside contain as Jermaine Gresham sneaks behind him on a naked bootleg for an easy catch-and-run first down.
  • Cedric Benson fumbles when Marcus Stroud blows up his blocker and strips him. Drayton Florence scoops the ball up and returns it for a score. Suddenly, it's 31-28 Bengals.
  • Chris Kelsay scoots outside the right tackle, opening up a big lane for Benson. Stroud held on the play, however, so the yardage is negated.
  • Benson gets a good gain on a screen on a nice Bengals play call. Caught the Bills in an aggressive blitz.
  • Terrell Owens puts a nice pick on Reggie Corner, allowing Andre Caldwell to break behind him and convert a 3rd & 7.
  • George Wilson comes in on a run blitz and stops Benson for a short gain. There's a great deal of control to Wilson's game.
  • Jordan Shipley gets outside with ease against Florence for an easy first down. This Shipley kid looks great.
  • Kyle Williams tosses the left guard aside, but can't trip up Benson. Antonio Coleman loses contain, and Benson gets seven on the edge.
  • Florence has superb coverage on Owens deep down the left sideline. Owens tips the ball up in the air and comes down with it, flopping into the end zone for a score. Florence upset. Andrew Whitworth called for a hold, negating the six points.
  • Chad Ochocinco beats a Terrence McGee jam on a slant, makes the catch, and dodges Wilson in the open field to convert a 3rd & 13.
  • Dwan Edwards can't close up the C gap, and Benson explodes through it (with Akin Ayodele easily eliminated at the second level) for a quick 17 yards.
  • Kelsay loses contain playing a true 3-4 OLB position when he rips inside the tackle. Paul Posluszny covers for him and stops Benson for a short gain.
  • Kelsay blows up a play-action pass with quick pressure. Palmer avoids it and takes a hit from Williams, but gets rid of it for an incompletion.
  • Palmer stares down Owens deep in the red zone. Wilson reads it and jumps the route for an interception. Lengthy return gets the Bills out of their own end zone.
  • Jones runs a reverse - Fitzpatrick fakes handoff to Jackson, pitches to Johnson, who flips to Jones. Bengals defend it perfectly. Short gain.
  • Michael Johnson beats Bell inside again. Fitzpatrick anticipates it, spins left out of the pocket, and scrambles for 11 yards and a first down.
  • On a play-action fake and rollout, Dhani jones sticks with Jones on the underneath route, leaving David Martin open down the field. Fitzpatrick hits him for 15 yards and a first down.
  • Geoff Hangartner, Urbik and Corey McIntyre throw key blocks on an 11-yard run by Quinton Ganther.
  • Jehuu Caulcrick, as a fullback, picks up two tough yards to convert a key 3rd & 1.
  • Stevie scores again to make it 35-31 Bills. Johnson beats Leon Hall (in single coverage) deep from the 11-yard line. It's an impeccable route by Stevie, who lulls Hall to sleep a little bit, then runs by him on a great anticipation throw by Fitzpatrick. Perfect example of quarterback and receiver being on the same page.
  • Coleman puts a massive hit on Bernard Scott on the ensuing kickoff. Entire Bills team is jazzed.
  • Owens pulls down Wilson on a deep throw by Palmer. Wilson incensed, but it goes uncalled. Without that very subtle, veteran play, Wilson easily makes his second interception.
  • Arthur Moats blows up a running play by beating the tackle cleanly. Bryan Scott finishes Benson off after Moats slows him up.
  • Palmer again locks onto Owens, makes a terrible throw, and a healthier McGee probably picks it off. Ochocinco wide open on the play. Bengals punt is a total shank, and the Bills have great field position.
  • Bills run a bubble screen to Johnson in the slot. There's no blocking, and the play loses yardage.
  • Fitzpatrick finds Evans between three zone defenders for 18 yards. Evans made the grab over the middle and took the hit.
  • If you want to see terrible coverage, watch Stevie's third touchdown. Secondary totally going through the motions. Against four-deep shell, Evans clears out two of them by running straight. Johnson crosses behind linebackers, Fitzpatrick (off a play fake, with tons of time) finds him wide open, and there isn't an unblocked defender within 20 yards of him. Steve Tasker: "And the Buffalo Bills have exploded all over the Cincinnati Bengals!"
  • Bills rush three. Palmer scrambles, Kelsay chases him down from behind quickly for a short gain.
  • Florence owns a receiver and plays great contain defense, limiting Benson to a short gain.
  • Shipley beats Corner easily for a first down. Palmer crushed by Kelsay, who nearly had a sack.
  • Ochocinco slips on a route, but Posluszny got a hand on it anyway. Bad throw by Palmer, but not bad enough for Posluszny to pick it off.
  • Shipley again beats Corner, this time on a fourth down. Motion gave him a free release.
  • Kelsay speed rush forces Palmer to throw too quickly, and he overshoots an open Shipley.
  • Florence makes a pretty pass break-up on a throw intended for Owens. Gus Johnson points out that Shipley was open, but he'd have been tagged by Wilson.
  • Palmer buys time against a three-man rush, and Owens makes a terrific sideline grab in front of Florence to convert another fourth down.
  • Moats stunts to the inside and gets a nice push on the guard. Corner gets a pass break-up on Shipley, but could've been called for a hold.
  • Donte Whitner absolutely rocks Shipley down the seam. Very clean, vicious hit. Separates ball from receiver. Shipley beats Corner. Palmer ignored Ochocinco again, who had burned Florence and would've scored.
  • With 5:28 remaining, the Bengals try to cut the lead to 42-34 with a field goal. The attempt hooks left. Ballgame is essentially over at this point.
  • Pat Sims runs right by Urbik, who looked like he had no idea who to block on the play. A Jackson run out of the shotgun is shut down.
  • Jackson cuts a run left, McIntyre cracks the end to seal the edge, and Jackson runs through three or four defenders, pushing the pile and staying in bounds for a first down and a ticking clock. Sideline goes nuts. That's how you lead by example.
  • Jonathan Stupar can't sustain a block on a pull, relegating a nice-looking Urbik pull useless. Jackson limited to a short gain.
  • Corner makes a beautiful play to bat down a pass for Shipley. Put his left hand on Shipley's shoulder, didn't pull, gets called for PI anyway. Iffy call.
  • Palmer overshoots Gresham left and Florence picks it off.
  • Levitre, Martin and McIntyre throw nice blocks on a solid run by Jackson.
  • Jackson walks into the end zone from 30 yards out - aided by a blatant, unbelievable-it-wasn't-called hold by Stupar - to make it 49-31.
  • Kelsay and Scott grab garbage-time sacks against Jordan Palmer to close out the game in style for the defense.
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