I’ve had it with the NFL owners and the players union or better known as the Billionaires’ vs. the Millionaires’. How absurd in todays economic times that they are arguing of how to divide up the 9 billion annual income. The owners in their arrogant cockiness are asking the players to just trust them as they want to take another 1 billion off the top of the revenues for operating expenses. The players union insists on asking “show us the books”. The players do have a point they need to see justification for losing that amount of money. As a small business owner I would never consider showing my books to any of my employees but I’m not the NFL that can hide under the cloak of lack of Anti-Trust laws either.


So the owners enforce a lock-out but get caught selling TV rights at a lower cost to build a cash reservoir which will be used to hold a sledge hammer over the unions head! The courts said it is illegal and how dare they, money will be put in escrow. Is there any wonder why there is so much distrust between owners and players?


Of course the players decertify the union so they can pursue Anti-trust laws-WTF!!! Now the courts and Legal Beagles can ultimately decide the direction of the NFL. Isn’t that wonderful, the game we love can be destroyed by the legal system. The NFL can be turned into MLB with the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS large market teams vs. small market teams.


The elephant in the room is there are a handful of owners who want to stop subsidizing the smaller market teams that can’t generate as much operating revenue such as the Bills, Bengals, Vikings, Jags etc etc. This money comes from a general fund and from retained revenue; dollars that come in from luxury boxes, parking fees, stadium naming rights,  concessions and local broadcast revenue. Retained revenue is not part of the shared revenue with the home teams keeping all the income. All teams currently enjoy shared revenue from marketing, TV rights and NFL products.


Needless to say the teams such as the Cowboys and Redskins which generate boatloads of cash from retained revenue do not want to share this anymore-Hell with the smaller market teams “Let Them Move” and who cares about their fans or cities and in the end the competitive balance of the league will suffer…


The truly sad part is as the Cowboys, Skins, Giants, Jets, Pats (I’m sure there are more) make so much more money from retained revenue then the smaller clubs it increases the leagues gross revenue. The players get paid their percentage off of gross revenue and as that increases all teams pay ceilings increase as well as the pay floor…


Where is this Lockout/Strike headed no one knows but this time it promises to change the game as we know it.




Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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