Worst Moments In Buffalo Bills History: Honorable Mentions

We're counting down the 25 best and 25 worst moments in Buffalo Bills team history. Today we get the ball rolling by showing you the worst moments that didn't make the list of 25. Here are the honorable mentions:

Doug Flutie fumble costs Bills playoff win
In 1998, Flutie went 7-3 as a starter in the regular season, including a great last-second win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But that season ended tragically for the Bills and Flutie when he fumbled with nine seconds left in the playoffs against the Miami Dolphins. The Bills, down a touchdown, had recovered an onside kick and marched down to the five-yard line. After the game, Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson threw a box of Flutie Flakes on the ground and the team destroyed the cereal. Even if the Bills had scored, anything could have happened in overtime. Still, this is a pretty big moment not to make the list.

Joe Cribbs leaves the Bills for the USFL
Cribbs led the Bills in rushing and receiving in 1983. In 1984, he was in the USFL after a contract dispute with Buffalo. He made the Pro Bowl in three of his first four years in the league, topping 1,000 rushing yards each time. He was never the same when he returned following his stint with the Birmingham Stallions. The Bills replaced Cribbs with Greg Bell, who rushed for 1,100 yards in 1984.

Willis McGahee bashes Buffalo
The Buffalo Bills took a chance on Willis McGahee in the first round in the 2003 NFL Draft after he tore up his knee in the college national championship game. Then he had three solid years in Buffalo before forcing a trade. How'd he do that? Well, he started by making the whole city mad. In separate interviews, he put down the city's women and nightlife, then suggested the Bills move to Toronto permanently. That didn't endear him to Bills fans or ownership, and he was moved for two third-round picks and a seventh-rounder.

Bills trade Ron McDole
In May of 1971, the Bills traded Ron McDole, who had been an integral part of Buffalo's defense for the majority of their existence. Many blamed head coach John Rauch, but his son has refuted that notion, claiming that his late father had nothing to do with the trade. Regardless of who is to blame, McDole continued his great career in Washington.

There are many, many more bad moments in Bills team history. We'll get to the 25 worst soon here on Buffalo Rumblings. Stay tuned.

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