I'm Not Liking All This Talk:

The last few days it seems everywhere I look, No one seems to want Paully P or sees Paully P not in Buffalo next year. I'm not OK with this.

The kid is 26 with 3 staright 100 tackle season (while not playing a full 16 games). Poz has had a tough go in Buffalo and still seems to love the city and love the organization.

This is a kid who was taken in the 2nd round and everyone LOVED the pick from to the non interested fan. He started out by playing a niche role on speacial teams and some run downs and the fans screamed for him to play more. So he got some PT and he made the most of it until he got hurt, He recovered and came back guns a blazing and sure enough he got hurt again, and the kid showed his resiliancy and bounced back and made a return before seasons end. Then there was last year when he suffered a fluke forearm injury. And the cries began: "this kid is injury prone", "He's soft", "He's just and average at best Linebacker". People seem to forget the all three injuries were to three different areas of the body. Or as I like to say fluke injuries that happen in a rough sport. (If all three were to his knee then I would be concerned)

He was a leader a Penn State, and he's been a leader for us here in Buffalo, and just the notion of thinking he is less valuable to this team than a journeyman corner (no offence Brian) kind of makes me upset. He is the undisputed Captain of the defence. Albeit, a terrible defence, but still the undisputed captain. He has served his time in Buffalo in a manner you would wish all professional athletes do, spending time in the community, very candid professional interviews, quiet away from the game and shows up every sunday whether he's hurt or not to play his butt off at a very high level.

Does Poz have his defencies, YES, Every NFL player does (Brady doesn't scramble well, Chris Johnson doesn't steamroll Lb's, Ray Lewis Kills people jk) he struggles to maintain good pass coverage for a long period of time, and he doesn't stack and shed like most would like. But remember a couple weeks or months back when we talked about how Demetrius Bell had been rehabbing so he couldn't work on his strength.  Poz was learning a new system and how it's played as well as rehabbing nagging injuries, so i'm assuming he didn't get a whole lot of time to work on his strength. He has now played a full year (12 games) in a 3-4 scheme and knows exactly what it's going to take to be effective and if there is a player on this Bills team who is going to do everything in his power to get better it's going to be Poz.

Another thing we tend to forget, is the fact Buffalo just hired Dave Wannstedt to coach the LB's, were talking a NFL  caliber head coach coaching Linebackers, if this isn't beneficial to a guy like Poz I don't know what is.

Buffalo hasn't exactly been the breeding ground for astout defensive players, Instead we've actually been the polar opposite (Maybin,McCargo, Ellis) and the list goes on and on of defensive players taken or signed and turned into bums who can't make it on the field of one of the worst defenses in the NFL. But Poz has stuck it out and still shown up every Sunday ready to go to work.

Things they are a changin (Hopefully), with guys like Williams, Merriman, Dareus and hopefully a few others we are putting together a pretty talented defence and a guy like Poz would give them a blue collar hard working leader to look up to. So when you are taking time out of your day to hopefully read this remember Poz may not be the best LB in the NFL but hes a pretty damn good one and one that is very under appreciated. When team like the NY Giants and The Washington Redskins offer him huge money and he still tures them down to take a hometown discount
with our beloved Bills please show the guy the respect he deserves and that he has earned.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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