Web Rumblings - Buffalo Bills News, 7/2

Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 7-1
Topics covered: the Bills will wear white pants; Hard Knocks; adding a QB this year; the practice squad rules; and what Johnny White's role is going to be.

Pryor Knowledge; Bills Should Roll With T.P. | THE BEST OF NICK MENDOLA
"I’m going fourth-round pick. If someone wants to wager a third-round pick on the kid, be my guest, but the fact of the matter is that Antonio Gates figured out how to catch a football despite being a hoopster at Kent State. Isn’t the wager that Pryor can run-and-catch - let alone throw - a better risk?"

Inside The Bills | Stevie in best celebration video
"He shows up about halfway through the video and his ‘Why So Serious’ celebration is featured from his three-touchdown performance at Cincinnati. Personally I thought his imitation of the New England Patriots ‘Minutemen’ that stand in the back of the end zone and fire muskets after Patriots’ touchdowns was better."

NFL Videos: Best celebrations in the NFL
Here's the video Chris Brown was talking about...

NFL Videos: Hall of Fame WR logjam
"01:43 – When will Andre Reed, Tim Brown and Chris Carter be elected to the Hall of Fame? "NFL Total Access" examines."

NFL Videos: Top Ten Pass Combos: Jim Kelly and Andre Reed
"03:54 – The number 5 pass combo of all time are former Bills' Jim Kelly and Andre Reed."

NFL Videos: Top Ten Comebacks: Bills stampede Oilers
"04:25 – The Buffalo Bills complete the biggest comeback in NFL playoff history in a 41-38 OT win vs. the Oilers."

Football Today Audio - ESPN
"Matt Williamson reacts to the latest news, shares his thoughts on the top free agent DBs and answers emails on interior linemen, Nnamdi Asomugha and the future of the Bills."

2012 NFL Draft rankings: Offensive tackles - Mocking The Draft
Dan Kadar takes a look at the top offensive tackle in next year's draft, something many Bills fans are looking at.

Buffalo Rumblings Reviews the Browns vs. Bills Week 14 Match - Dawgs By Nature
Chris Pokorny takes a look at Brian's Film Review sessions on the Browns game.

Downtown L.A. stadium plan expected to stay on course | ProFootballTalk
Every time L.A. talks, the Buffalo Bills still get tagged by Florio along with several other teams.

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