Utterly Depressed

Only one other time in my entire lifetime has a sports event truly gotten to me. The first was when Doug Gilmour got high sticked by Wayne Gretzky in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, and then scored when he should have been in the penalty box. Add Thursday night to the list.

On a day where we lost out on numerous undrafted free agents , and other mediocre teams grabbed legitimate free agents, we somehow have lost my favorite player and are about to lose another important piece (Florence).

Somehow some way this team loses Paully to  Jacksonville!! Jacksonville!!!! Common man this really pisses me off.

Buddy, I don't care how hard you tried in the end you didn't get it done and to be honest I have just dropped down a notch in my Buddy respect meter. He emphasized how important this was to resign Paully P, he openly said it numerous times and he's still gone. I am mad and yes I am biased because Paully is my favorite Bill but this not only a sentimental loss but a big time football loss.

Buddy you better bring in some talent over the next few days, standing pat is no longer acceptable, we are NOW WAY BEHIND THE EIGHTBALL, we just lost our team captain on defence our best MLB and our best tackler. Our LB core now consists of a platoon of plugs and two rooks. I love the Sheppard and White picks put they are not going to egt the job DONE!!!!!!

We also stand the chance of losing Drayton; to a division contender nonetheless!

How is it, The Seahawks can sign Travaris Jackson and AND Matt Leinart (not that I think Leinart is anything special but they brought in 2 QB's that are potentially better then the one we got) and we walk away with Tyler Thigpen. How is it The Rams grab Quintin Mikell and we grab no one at SS.

This could be an overreaction, and a totally bias reaction after the first day of FA, but we are at the bottom of the food chain and have some of the most money in football that we HAVE to spend. it's not like we can save for a rainy day we HAVE HAVE to spend money. So how is it on the first day of a huge FA franzy we come away with Tyler Thigpen, Really?????

This sends a very bad message to the guys on the roster, in my opinion, we overpay Kelsay last year and extend him but we somehow let poz walk???????

Arguably we stand the chance of losing 3 of the 4 most talented guys on our defence and by the sounds of it have made no contacts to even replace 1, you have to be kidding me.  

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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