Troubled Times

First fan post here goes...
After the jump I will type. (just wanted to say after the jump because our awesome staff say it all the time

Here we are in the midst of a free agency period the likes of which we won't see for another ten years.  We have millions to spend and holes to fill and a short period of time to do so. What could go wrong? Well that depends on your expectations of team need and your personal time line for wining. It's been a long time since the Bills were anything but a punch line to the rest of the league so I understand why many of you are frustrated with the way this particular off season as played out.

I don't know how much my particular posts stand out amongst the rest of well thought out and valid posts that we have the luxury of of reading day in and day out on this awesome site. Whether you notice or not my comments tend to be pro Chix and that's mainly because for the most part they handle things the way I would. Would I have signed Cornell Green? Absolutely not but mistakes happen and the only thing you can do is learn from them. This site has taken me from a casual observer of football to someone who can no longer find anybody in my day to day life that I can talk football with who's eyes don't gloss over the instant I go past the ESPN talking points. We drafted Maybin a few days after I started reading this blog. In that time my Bills fandom has increased a thousand fold.

Perhaps it's that night and day difference that  allowed me to reset my expectations at the start of the Chix era. That seems to have been one of the best decisions I have made in my meager 25 or so years as a Bills fan. I went into the start of last year with no expectations and actually viewd the first half of the seasons as an extended preseason. Long story short nothing before that time maters to me, not Ralphs meddling or the music city "miracle" none of it. I am able to view this team through a lens that consists of only the tenure of Chix.

Through that lens and with the understanding that Nix says what he means and means what he says I am very happy with the direction of this team. Particularly because while like the rest of you I hope to win the Superbowl and will do so right up until the moment we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I have no real expectations for another 2-3 years, anything sooner is just gravy.

Save for Stevie, Williams, Fitz, Wood, Levitre, Wood and Byrd I really couldn't care less about the guys Nix didn't draft or sign as a UDFA. In my book they are just place holders till Nix can find his guys. Nix has a strict mold of guys he wants on his team and one that I think more often then not equates to successful NFL players. high character and high motor guys who are willing to put the team first.

This isn't blind faith in Chix I just know that it's going to take time to build the team with players from that mold. It's hard to find those players in free agency everyone is going to tell you what you want to hear the same as any job interview and I can agree with Nix when he is willing to hold fast to what he views as fair market value because he is looking for someone who is interested in more then just money. 

I guess I  am just trying to say don't despair at the lack of big moves in free agency. Patience is going to be key to getting this team back on the winning track. We don't have the ability to buy a Superbowl so we need to draft better then the rest of the league. I firmly believe that Maybin will be the last major bust we have because the standards have be raised. I sure hope it happens sooner then the 2-3 years I expect but the results will come.

Sorry for the wall of text this was a long time in the making and thank you if you made it this far.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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