A Few Thoughts

I have arrived at my breaking point, Bills fans.

Let me start by saying that the last few days have been absolute insanity for me (as well as Matt), and readership here is through the roof. Traffic is coming in at a record-breaking pace, and we're very thankful to each and every one of you who drop in here and make Buffalo Rumblings one of your trusted sources for Bills news and discourse.

I'd also like to say that, as a fellow Bills fan, I do not blame any of you for the inherent skepticism and negativity that has pervaded the discussions here of late. The relentless negativity is warranted, and I have no problem with anyone using this place to vent. That's what this community is for. However, as I said at the top of this FanPost, I've arrived at my breaking point.

I'm done moderating comment sections here for a while. As I say, I don't blame anyone for the relentless negativity; I just can't handle it anymore. Or, rather, I could try to handle it, and be a total jerk to everyone I interact with. You all can appreciate, I sincerely hope, how a person in my position could quickly get worn down by reading 200-300 comments per thread rife with depression, anger, and bickering. It's like being bitten by a thousand mosquitos; the itch is officially unbearable, and I've not any unbitten skin left. So I'm done for a while. A great many of you have been around to know what does and doesn't fly here, and I'm hoping that some of the vets will use our handy dandy flag feature if things get particularly out of hand.

With that said, I'm also going to make a few pleas. We are (mostly) all adults, and we are all part of the same fan base. We need to get along.

No. 1: Treat your fellow Bills fan with respect. We are all people - not just usernames on the Internet. I get that there are varying levels of negativity (or, in much rarer cases, positivity) around here, and that's the cause for most of the issues we've had with each other over the past few days. We are all on the same team. As you're venting, please post with that understanding. Nothing irritates me more than seeing two Bills fans bicker on a personal level. We need to be above such childish behavior as a community - and while for the most part we are, there have been plenty of slip-ups of late.

No. 2: Be as thoughtful as possible. I also get that the pace of the blog has been break-neck this week, and as such, the pace has picked up in the comments section. My plea here is for folks to post thoughtfully, not reactively. If you're looking to vent, you can still do so thoughtfully; reactive posts tend to be inflammatory and lead to problems. State your case in a way that wouldn't piss someone off if they were relaying their thoughts to you.

No. 3: Mind the community guidelines. Don't swear (gratuitously), don't be racist or homophobic, and don't insult someone's person (and it'd be great if that courtesy was extended to members of the Bills organization; they're reading, too). In general, act and blog like a human being, not a drunken Internet username.

No. 4: Keep this place awesome. I really love this place. I've poured my heart and soul into it for over four years now, and it saddens me that I've gotten sufficiently irritated with the mood and behavior here to write a post like this. This place is still awesome, but as a community, we need to work together to keep it that way, and with any luck, continue to improve it. Please. This is the big one.

That's it. Again, we're all in this together; that should be kept in mind at all times. I'll be poking around and posting as furiously as possible, so don't think y'all have free reign and can act as if you've got a substitute teacher. This community is developed enough that, hopefully, it can moderate itself. I heart you all. Go Bills.

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