J2's Own Community Guidelines

In light of Brian's A Few Thoughts  post I wanted to append a few items that I think are noteworthy - or items that I think can help make this blog run a little smoother.

I hope this isn't taken out of context - I'm just trying to help keep this place awesome.


  1. If you are going to claim that a player sucks please have sufficient evidence.  I've been re-watching a lot of the games and a lot of things that I've thought about players were dead wrong.  The reason is a player will have a bad play then automatically that player is having a bad game or is terrible.  That's not true - all NFL players have bad plays. If you say Kelsay sucks you better have the game the down and what he did wrong because that guy does some really good things on the football field.  I'm very tired of reading these guys suck without specific examples.  Face it - watching a game live is almost impossible to keep track of what all the players are doing right or wrong.  Watch it more than once and formulate an opinion - trust me - it's more fun too.
  2. There are enough comments to read through - keep the "+1" or "agreed" single comment comments to a minimum.  Use the "rec" feature - I know when i'm going through comments I always read the comments with at least 1 rec - use that feature so we're not drilling down through those comments.
  3. If you are going to complain - please do it in the appropriate thread - make your point - then try and move along.  No one wants to read the same complaining over and over and over on different threads or the same redundant message on the same thread.  We read it - the reason we didn't respond is because we agree or we don't want to start a pissing match because we think you're wrong.  
  4. Try and realize how difficult it is to build an NFL team and that Nix and Chan get 5 years not 3 years to rebuild this team.  How many of you have built an NFL franchise?  That's right - zero - so please stop the constant complaining when you don't know how difficult it is to sign a guy in Free Agency.  It's not all black and white.  There are 32 other teams looking to upgrade their teams.
  5.  I encourage all of you to DVR games and watch them over and focus in on players.  I guarantee you will see them differently than the one or 2 plays you see them mess up in a given game.  I know i've changed my tune because of it and I think further educated Rumblers' will add to and make discussions even that much better.
  6. Enjoy the Bills - Nix and Chan are building something here - they aren't nearly as bad past regimes - we have an actual front office that is pulling the trigger - allow them to put their plan into place.  This is going to take a few years.

Finally - if this blog gets to the point where it's nothing but complaining then we won't have a voice at OBD.  Right now they read this blog and that gives us an opportunity to voice our opinions - so let's not go overboard.  If someone is complaining and you agree - REC it - get it to turn green.  They will see that - it's a much more effective method of communication than constant complaining.  I'm not saying complaining shouldn't happen - but be judicious with it - use it as a tool.  We literally have Bills employees reading this site daily - take advantage of that opportunity because it might not last.

I hope I didn't step on any toes and I hope this doesn't rub people the wrong way - it's just an attempt to get us all on the same page and keep this place awesome.  I look forward to many awesome conversations with my awesome Rumblers'.

I also know that i've done some of these things too - so I will try my best to keep this place rocking.

Go Bills!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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