Our Wr corps and More

After all these Lee Evans Rumours floating about, I thought I would take a dive into the history of our young receiver corp just to see what some of our guys are all about:


Lee Evans:

Drafted in the 1st round, 13th overall out of Wisconsin, Lee was somewhat of a touchdown machine. He never surpassed 80 receptions in a season while at Wisconsin, but compiled 2 reatilvey great seasons. In 2001 he recorded 75 recs, for 1545 yds and 9 TD's. He sat out of 2002 with an injury and returned in 2003 to put up 64 Recs for 1213 yds and 13! TD's.

In the NFL, he has never really lived up to be a possession type receiver; only surpassing 80 receptions once in his entire career. In 2006-07 where he recorded a career best 82 recs for 1292 yds and 8 TD's. The most staggering stat is that, on only one other occasion has he surpassed 60 receptions, in 2008-09 he recorded 63 Recs for 1017 yds and 3TD's. His worst year as a pro came last year where he only recorded 37 recs for 578 yds and 4 TD's.

Lee has shown a knack for staying healthy though, only not playing a full season once in his entire career and that being last year. He has a staggering yds per cth of 15.7 over the course of his career. Though his receptions numbers seem to drastically change every year he has shown he can still find the endzone only recording less then 4 TD's once in his career and that year was when he had his second most receptions.

This info shows us what we all presumably should already know, Lee is a home run threat with great hands.

Stevie Johnson:

Drafted in the 7th round with the 17th pick out of Kentucky, Stevie really only showed 1 good year (as he only played 2 years). In 2006 he recorded 12 recs for 126 yds and 1 TD. In 2007 as a senior Stevie recorded a much improved 60 recs for 1041 yds and 13! TD'S. A pretty big jump to make over the course of one year.

Stevie really has only received major playing time once in his career; that being last year,  He recorded 82 recs for 1073 yds and 10 TD's. In his draft year of 2008 he dressed for 11 games, but only played in 10 recording 10 recs for 102 yds but 2 TD's. In 2009 he saw very limited time only playing in 5 games and recording 2 catches.

If 1 thing really stands out, its that when he has received playing time he has produced, To me the 2 TD's in only 10 recs shows he has great finishing ability in and around the endzone. Here's hoping Stevie continues his trend of playing time = production.

Roscoe Parrish:

Roscoe was drafted in the 2nd round with the 23rd pick out of Miami (FL) (a school known for producing superstars). Roscoe played 3 years at The U recording his best year as a junior before he declared for the draft. Amounting totals of 43 recs for 693 yds and 8 TD's. In the 2 years prior to this he had only recorded a total of 43 recs for 662 yds and 4 TD's,  He basically produced in his junior year what he was able to accomplish in the 2 years prior (no wonder he declared for the draft).

Now Roscoe was more of a gimmick player at Miami, used for rushing, returning and receiving. Surprisingly he had only returned 1 kick for a TD in college and rushing for another. I have to say after looking at these stats I am a little surprised he was selected in the 2nd round; but hey that was Buffalo wonderful front office back then.

After suiting up for Buffalo for the first time in 2005-06 2 things were clear, 1.) Roscoe was great in space recording on only 15 recs a 5.2 YAC, and 2.) This kid could return kicks averaging a 26.1 yds on KO and 13.3 on Punts. He saw very limited time as a receiver in his first year only recording 15 recs for a 158 yds and 1 TD. Roscoe had a very much improved 2nd year in the pros as he played in all 16 games recorded 23 rec for 320 yds and 2 TD's and a improved YAC of 5.4. He also recorded his first return TD but his average PR number dropped to 11.4.

One would argue Roscoe's best year as a pro was 2007-08. He played in all 16 games recorded a career high 35 recs for 352 yds and 1 TD, he also boosted his PR average to 16.3 yds and returned another punt for a TD. Roscoe had a very disappointing stretch from 2008-2010 only recording a total of 28 recs for 266 yds and 1 rec TD and1 return TD. this is where he fell out of favour with the DJ regime.

Roscoe re surged as we all know last year recording in only 8 games 1 off his career high with 33 rec for a career high 400 yds and 2 TD's. Not surprising Roscoe has recorded a great YAC over the course of his career of 4.3 a number that is drastically altered due to 2008-2009 campaign. A reliable guy if he gets the ball, he will produce.

Donald Jones:

A UDFA out of Youngstown State he enjoyed next to Lee Evans the 2nd most consistent college career so far. He only played 2 years at Youngstown. In his first year he only recorded 31 recs but for 510 yds and 7 TD's (I would say he has a knack for the endzone) and his 2nd year where he recorded 77 recs for 790 yd and 6 TD's. He also returned kicks, but let's just say it wasn't his second calling.

Last year, not only did Donald make the opening day roster, he was actually quite impressive in the limited time he saw as a WR. Donald amounted 18 recs for 213 yds and a TD. Not to mention registering 9 tackles on Special Teams. Donald enjoyed his biggest game of the season against Cinci recording 5 recs for 70 yds and a TD.  I wish there was a stat for blocks because he had some big blocks during the return game as well. He seems to fit the bill of these Bills receivers that if he gets PT, he produces!

Naaman Roosevelt:

Naaman was just like Donald as he was a UDFA, but surprisingly he didn't make the opening day roster. He had the most productive College career of any of the Bills on the current roster to date. He was actually recruited as a QB but was moved to WR half way through his first year. Once moved to WR he surpassed 31 recs for 429 yds and 2 TD's; not bad for half a season at a new position. His 2nd year he really got it going, totalling 63 receptions for 766 yds and 6 TD's. As a junior; and some would argue he should have entered the draft after this year, Naaman put up a staggering 104 recs for 1402 yds and 13 TD's , breaking a school record for most receptions in a season. He had a down year compared to his junior year in his senior year but still amounted 70 recs for 954 yds and 9 TD's.

There is no doubt in my mind that Naaman is our best suited WR to uproot Lee Evans on the outside as he has great hands and is just " steady as she goes". Naaman's first year of professional football was up and down he only saw action in 6 games, totalling 9 recs for 139 yds, but ha s a pretty decent YAC of 4.4.

I would think Naaman will make the opening day roster this year and will see lots of action in 4 WR sets, he has great hands and has shown GREAT production via a spectacular college career.

David Nelson:

 Like the two mentioned before him, David Nelson was a UDFA that kinda made a few people go huh? when the Bills signed him. David produced very little in college (More due to the scheme he played in) totalling for a 4 year career at Florida 46 recs for 630 yds and 7 TD's. So what did Buddy see in the young WR?  He saw a pro body in the mould of an Ed McCaffery at 6'5 220 lbs. David Nelson has great size and also is a great run blocker on the outside; If you don't block in Urban Meyer's system you do not play. David was also an honour student 3 times as well as The SEC's all community team in 2009. Daivd also had stiff competition at Florida fighting for playing time with Percy Harvin among others.

As a pro David enjoyed some successes he was never accustomed to in college, recording 31 recs for 353 yds and 3 TD's. Basically in 1 year of the pros he amounted almost 1/2 of the production he saw at Florida. and put up the most production in 1 season in the pros the he ever did in college.

Marcus Easley:

Some know this some don't, but Marcus Easley literally produced for 1 year at Connecticut before getting drafted in the 4th round with the 9th pick. Easley played 3 years at Connecticut. In his first 2 he totalled 5 recs for 104 yds and 0 TD's. Then came 2009, in a turn around year for Easley, he only recorded 48 recs, but on a team that featured Donald Brown as it's feature player at RB, Easley was still able to record 893 yds and 8 TD's before declaring for the draft.

We all know the story about Easley's pro career as he is yet to dress for an NFL regular season game let alone a pre season game. He hurt his knee real bad last year and was put on the IR before pre season even started.

I have chose to leave the UDFA's we picked this year as well as Paul Hubbard, Felton Huggins and Buster Davis off this list due to the fact the post was long enough already. I hope this sheds some light on our young unknown receiver core.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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