Everything is so foggy, But is it because it is becoming more clear?

Lets start things off with this. Are the Buffalo Bills of the 2011-12 Season going to win the Super Bowl? Well sports Interaction has them at 126-1 odds not to.

Are The Buffalo Bills going to make the playoffs in 2011-12 - Well Sports interaction has them at  7 -1 odds not to.

We are a dedicated fan base here a Buffalo Rumblings, and one would argue that, this is the site you go to for either Buffalo Bills news, or if you have an opinion, you come here to share it because the vast knowledge of this football team is very strong here.

Is the timing of the the Lee Evans trade a bit confusing? Yes

Is the trade of Lee Evans surprising? maybe

Is it fair value for a guy (who statistically) is on the down side of his career? I would argue YES

Buddy Nix, from day one has reiterated a few things, those things being. he will stack players on players, every player will get a fair shot from the previous regime (and his crew will evaluate them) and he is going to build via the draft. Has Buddy strayed away from what he has had us believing? NO.

Lee got a fair shot, Marshawn not so much but, Maybin has had a fair shot. is there still holdovers from the previous regime? Yeah, McGee, Johnson, McKelvin, Parrish and the list goes on and on.

Buddy has proven two things to us since he has taken over as GM and that is A:) He doesn't care what the fans or so called experts think, he's going to do it his way and B:) He has a great eye for evaluating talent.

From Cliff Spiller all the way down to Naaman Roosevelt he has found value in every draft pick or UDFA he has had to date aside from Kyle Calloway and Levi Brown. We all (aside from maybe Brian) went into this off season with high hopes that Buddy would grab us a couple marquee or at least adequate FA to help build this team. Buddy responded by saying I'm going to sign a backup QB, that is my priority, and what did Buddy do? he signed Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith (What he's a QB).

Obviously, Chan and Buddy see something in this young corp (core) of receivers. Whether it be Buster Davis or David Nelson, there is something there that they like.

To me this trade screams 2 things:

1.) if we are going to win with Ryan, Ryan has to show he can win with any receiver. Not a QB who is going to rely heavily on his receivers, but his receivers will rely heavily on him. Ryan has to make this offence work, it has to be him and him only if we are going to give him a shot at being our long term QB. If Ryan is not the answer we are going to have yet another high draft pick and we are going to use it on a QB.

2.) Lee was not a fit in Gailey's system. Lee had his lowest production as a pro last year in Gailey's 1st year as Head Coach. This has to speak louder volumes then it has been.

It's been a tough off season for dedicated Bills fans. We have watched 2 of our most beloved and actually talented players move on, guys that when you went to game, their jerseys made up about 30% of the jerseys being worn.

Now to the other side of the coin.

This is now officially you team Buddy Nix, you have poked and plottedwith it, you have had 2 drafts with it and you have made trades with it. Heck, you have even extended guys. So now it's time to put up or get fired because with the seriousness of moves and lack of moves you have made it's officially your team.

No more hiding behind the crapiness of the previous regime, THIS IS YOUR TEAM. So lets see how the well oiled machine is working come week 1.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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