Thoughts on Preseason Game 1


  • Well, it was the preseason, which means everything's a work in progress, including playbooks. There were some good things, but also some really bad things.

  • Special Teams play by both teams was awful. Buffalo could not contain (something I noticed in last year's preseason too; it'll probably be fixed by the regular season) and Chicago had 5 penalties on the 7 punts. Marcus Easley wasn't very inspiring at KR, and Searcy didn't get a lot of opportunity to field punts.

  • The pass rush was a revelation. Shawne Merriman looked Lights Out again and all levels of the front 7 found themselves getting in on the action. Of course, this was against possibly the worst pass-blocking line in the NFL, but still it is encouraging.

  • Run defense was a mixed bag. The starters performed admirably, limiting Chester Taylor to a 1.0 YPC average, but the backups did just as terribly, allowing 5 YPC and 150 yards rushing. Buffalo is getting better but if they have any injuries those gains will be erased quickly.

  • Brad Smith worked into the offense wonderfully, carrying 3 times for 3 first downs. He was a little inaccurate on his passes, but it's clear that if Buffalo needs a play, they can count on him to produce. Josh Nesbitt, who worked in for a few plays, looked like a promising Brad Smith-lite.

  • The o-line was not very good. The starters were average at best, but the 2nd stringers just played awful. Johnny White had to work for every yard (looking like a young Marshawn Lynch in the process) and Tyler Thigpen was never really comfortable in the pocket. Mansfield Wrotto especially had a poor game, giving up a sack and a TFL.

  • QB Watch: Fitz looked comfortable with his offense, completing 7 of 9 passes for 44 yards. He made smart progressions and didn't take a sack. Tyler Thigpen didn't look very good, throwing inaccurately and taking a couple of sacks. But Levi Brown looked even worse, locking on to receivers, throwing into multiple coverage, and throwing one interception. If he doesn't improve in the next game he might not even get a call for the practice squad.

  • WR Watch: The Bills did not really throw to their main WR's in this game, so it was difficult to judge how everyone was doing. Stevie Johnson looked good, catching 3 passes, although his long was only 8 yards. Donald Jones, lining up at the second outside spot as a starter, had 1 target for an incompletion which he also caused offensive pass interference on. It'll be best if Roscoe recovers from injury so the burden can come off of Jones for a bit. Naaman Roosevelt looked good, making multiple catches for first downs and acting as the only thing keeping Levi Brown from throwing to the other team.

  • Rookie Watch: Marcell Dareus had a good game, showing off his excellent strength and technique. Dareus got a sack after swimming through a double team. Aaron Williams had a decent game, showing off his tackling skill and getting an interception, although he did make a few mistakes in coverage midway through the game. Da'Norris Searcy had a few good tackles but didn't get a chance to show off his punt returning. Johnny White got a bunch of looks running, but wasn't helped by poor offensive line play. If he mixes in with the starters more we might see how he can really play. Chris White looked good in coverage, successfully dropping back to cover a 40 yard pass attempt. He also took on blocks effectively. Michael Jasper looked pretty good, showing his strength and getting good push up front. He had a QB pressure. He did get taken out of the play at times, which was a result of his not so stellar technique.


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