A Good Ol' Fashioned Mind Dump

I was away for the Long Weekend (here in Canada) and missed the Dareus Contract and the Barnett signing, and all the other rookies getting there rookie contracts so I had to get caught up before I had a dump.

Before The Draft pre-lockout:

Right before the lockout we re-upped Shawne Merriman and George Wilson, and threw tenders at Poz, Chandler and Whitner. Pretty productive considering our most important free agent in my mind was Poz. If we came back in a new CBA that accepted the tenders we were in pretty good shape.

The Draft:

We had arguably one of the best drafts in football just from a visual standpoint and from a " professional " point of view. We addressed mostly our defence we the odd "glue" guys for the offence. We filled some positional needs with 2 DL,2 LB, 3 DB. 2 very highly graded players at DB and DL, 1 moderately graded player at LB and some late round additions. Overall a pretty good injection of youth into our defence. Key word being youth, and with youth comes growing pains.

Post Draft - Pre-lockoout ending:

Buddy reiterated how important it was to resign Poz and D Flo as they would be major building blocks to us getting out of the basement and help with his " re-build " and also made mention how important it was for us to grab a backup QB in FA. Other links included how Erik Pears was being talked up as our starting RT and how Buddy felt Shawne Merriman was " The Answer " at OLB.


We were able to grab the all important backup QB in Tyler Thigpen, we were also able to grab our coveted DB Drayton Florence, were unable to however grab our most important Free Agent in " Buddy's Words " Paully P. We did however sign a pretty good replacement in Nick Barnett and grabbed an over priced gadget player in Brad Smith. A good signing, we just paid to much but the Intel we can get from him regarding the Jets and how important he was to the Jets justifies the money spent.

So after last year and heading into training camp this year our biggest weaknesses still lye in our defence, with the additions of our rookie class we have filled essentially 1 position DE, you could make the argument that Williams fills another need at DB but with Flo resigning and with two viable starters already in place Williams doesn't really fill much of anything except depth. We are still without a SS, we still have no depth at ILB and are pretty thin on our DL. We have some quality starters In Williams, Dareus and Edwards but with only Troup, Carrington and Johnson playing the role of backup were pretty thin.

Aside from defence our offence was still pretty shotty last year (aside from a few games, we were borderline average) we added a backup QB that in my mind will not push Fitzy at all, we picked up a WR/QB/PR/KR/Wildcat RB that will help us disguise some things but really doesn't fill a need. With needs at RT and TE and general o line depth we didn't fill any of those holes.

We went into the off season with needs essentially everywhere, we filled 2 (backup QB and starting DE). We filled 1 dire Need and think we filled another at DE (nothing is set in stone). I may be in the minority, I may be in the majority but with a month left till the regular season starts we still have needs Everywhere except maybe WR and RB.

To me Buddy has failed this off season, i loved the draft and I love the Barnett signing but walking away from the biggest FA pool in the history of the NFL with 19 UDFA's, Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith coupled with 1 of the weakest overall talented rosters in the NFL is unacceptable. Fringe teams like Kansas City added needs with Steve Breaston and Kelly Gregg, Miami who has arguably 1 of the best LB cores in the NFL added a great talent in Burnett, Houston added a huge need with Joseph, while Jacksonville added our own Paully P and a SS to fill there huge needs. When your a team, like Indianapolis you can afford to stand pat or even Pittsburgh look after your own and keep drafting because you have the elite talent on your roster, but when your a team like Buffalo and need an injection of talent not only to stay competitive but to show the guys like Kyle Williams and Stevie Johnson that your serious about building a winner you do not add Tyler Thigpen and Brad Smith and that's it.

I was uber excited to hear about Tyson Clabo, but talk is cheap,

The Lions, the Detroit Lions for years have been the laughing stock of the league, they fired there GM, brought in a new one, they fired there coach, brought in a new one, drafted well, and signed some FA (Vandenbosch and some others) drafted well again and brought in some FA (Tulloch and some others) and now seemed ready to compete in a tough NFC North division, while teams around them added talent so did they. So Why can't the Bills do this???

All it take3s is 2 3 more guys and this team would compete week in week out. An example would have been Quinton Mikell, Brad Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Nick Barnett, Barret Ruud, Matt Speath and Sean Ohare look at the core of FA no SUPERSTARS just guys that fill our teams needs we fill o line depth, we fill our SS position and we fill or LB needs and TE Needs and suddenly our roster looks pretty damn good.

With guys still out there like Matt Roth, Donte Whitner, Zach Miller, Kevin Boss, Antwan Barnes, Kevin Bentley, Atari Bigby, Keith Bullock, Desmond Clark, Stephen Cooper, Early Doucet, Keyaron Fox, Tavares Gooden, Ryan Harris, Olin Kreutz, Travis Laboy, Ben Leber, Donald Lee, Sean Locklear, Jameel McClain, Rocky Macintosh, Ryan O'Callaghhan, Michael Otto, Julian Peterson, Barry Richardson and more

The Bills could afford to sign at least three of those guys to fill needs and add depth so why not? why not add some of these guys, if they don't turn out cut them, but show that your trying to inject some talent show your trying to make this team better.

Please Buddy I'm hoping that your not done and if you are I will be disappointed, but just go out and add some proven talent. Who knows maybe we find 3 more David Nelsons in our UDFA class and our needs will be filled but I just can't see that happening, so just add please JUST ADD.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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