What is the NFL becoming?

Many of the fans and players dislike some of the new safety rules that Roger Goodell has put in place.  Attempting to eliminate kick returns and dictating how players can hit.  I know it's for players safety and so that certain horrible incidents don't ever happen again (the Kevin Everrett injury comes to mind), but I wish Goodell would realize that these incidents are the extremes and not the norms.  Football is a violent sport and people are going to get hurt.  That's it plain and simple and it's part of the reason why they get paid so much money for the "work" they do.  It's a risk you have to be willing to take when you choose this line of work, and a risk you must understand everytime you strap on the pads and lace up the cleats. 


Here's a few quotes from Vince Lombardi, the man that the greatest prize in the NFL is named after:

"Pro a violent, dangerous sport.  To play it other than violently would be imbecile."

"To play this game, you must have that fire in you, and there is nothing that stokes that fire like hate."


These guys have been hailed as modern day galdiators, and their home stadiums are their own Colesseum.  Certainly I'm not advocating for people to intentionally try to injure someone by flying through the air like a missile (like James Harrison did against the Browns receiver) but there should be hard hits involved in the game of football.  The babying on some QB's and not others should also be fixed.  Any time someone bumps into a star QB and he goes down it's an automatic flag and it gets a little bit annoying as fan to see.  Last year Chris Kelsay made a good play getting to the QB and put a pop on him and was flagged for a helmet to helmet hit.  His helmet never came into contact with the QB's helmet (sorry don't remember the name just the play), he hit the shoulder pad and put him on the ground.  The safety rules are starting to ruin the excitement that has made the game as popular as it is today.  I remember reading the biography of Bill Romanowski (the book is called Romo: My Life on the Edge-Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons in case anyone is interested) how on one play he was at the bottom of a pile grabbed a players finger and just bent it until it popped just to make him fumble the ball.  Of course I don't condone this type of action but it's just an example of the barbaric nature of the game.  The bottom line is most people like the exciting nature of the game, the big kick return, the hard hit and seeing the other guy get back up and things like this Goodell is trying to remove. 


I've liked some of the things that Goodell has done as commish, such as enforcing the player conduct policy it seems that players seem to be more conscience of their actions (except for the repeat offenders we hear about) but he seems to have done a good job of making players act professional.  I do dislike that he has now made the NFL draft a 3 day prime time experience rather than the weekend get together with friends that many of us used to have.  I also understand that it is his job to make the league more profitable which is probably why he made that decision.


In summary I just want to see football be exciting again and not have the exciting plays taken out of the game.  I understand the new rules are for player safety but it's a dangerous violent game that you choose to play and are compensated VERY nicely for.  Also most of these rules are put in place to eliminate the major injuried that happen but as I said those aren't the norm they are the extremes and don't happen on every kick return or every hard hit.


What do you guys think?

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