Immediate Reflections on the Debacle in Denver

Just some quick observations from the game.


The Good:

1)  Fred Jackson.  I am convinced the Bills have wasted his above average talents over the past three years by platooning him at running back.  He once again showed he has instinct, skill, and ability.  He set up his blocks beautifully and was beyond solid in pass protection.  He dropped Denver's starting OLB on a pass block that was text book.  Fred should be the main offensive weapon this year.  Unfortunately, I fear he will once again be under utilized.


2) Early run D looked solid.  Kyle missed a tackle on the goal line that he makes 90% of the time.


3)  Aiken at WR looked like he belonged.  He was fluid and strong.  He looked as though he was playing in the back yard.  Don't be surprised if he bumps one of the other WRs off the squad.


4)  Easley.  Yes, I said Easley.  Sure Easley deflected a pass that was intercepted.  And sure he did not make a miraculous catch on a post late in the game.  However, what I focused on was the fact he got seperation from the DBs and found open spots. His deflection that was picked off came on a beautiful route that was headed for the end zone if he had caught the ball.  While I realize WRs need to catch the ball, he was in position to make a huge play.  While he may not have looked overly comfortable out there tonight he did run good routes and got open.  He only dropped one ball he should have caught.  He ran a beautiful post that should have been 6 points had Thigpen not thrown him a floater directly into the safety that was thoroughly out of position on the play.  If Thigpen throws the ball into the middle of the end zone Easley is open by 7 yards.  For his 1st game in nearly two years, I was pleased.  He has talent.

5)  Eddins - He looked like a natural pass rusher on his sack of Tebow.  He also appeared to hold up against the run.  He could be a player to watch.

6)  I will go out on a limb and say Jasper looked good late in the 4th Q.  On consecutive run plays he drove the center into the RB and then held off a double team and got an arm on the RB.  The 1st run went for no gain.  The 2nd run went for 4 yards because nobody filled, not Jasper's fault.  Sure, he looked lost on another play where he actually took himself out of the play, but all in all he showed the ability to hold the midle of the line and disrupt the run game.

7)  Stevie and Jackson (early) going after the safety who knocked Jones out.  I wish some of our O lineman would have shown some fire and gone after him as well.


The Bad:

1)  Mckelvin gave huge cushions throughout the 1st half.  He made Brandon Lloyd look like Jerry Rice.

2)  Pass Rush from the 1st unit D.  While Dareus had a sack, no one else really got a whiff of Orton.  He had a lot of time to throw.  Batten did get a hit on Orton that was dubiously flagged for roughing the passer.

3)  Thigpen.  Thigpen threw some poor passes tonight.  He can make good throws when he has time, but he really needs to be able to step up to have accuracy.  He missed Easley for 6 late in the game when he led him into coverage instead of the open endzone.

4)  Secondary.  Orton had receivers open all through the 1st half.  The Bills need to tighten up their coverage, especially without a pass rush.

5)  Yes it is preseason.  However, Chan had better can a lot of this 4 and 5 wide empty backfield stuff or he will get Fitzy killed.  He needs to ride Jackson and phave a TE/RB chip or we will be seeing Thigy at QB.  He needs to realize Jackson is our horse and ride him.  If he doesn't utilize jackson to control games, we will be in trouble.



1)  The devastatingly illegal helmet to chin hit on Jones.  Really a scary scene. Textbook example of leading with the helmet.

2) White being thrown to the ground by former Bill Mario Hagan and being taken off on a cart.

3)  The offensive offensive line.  Just brutal.  Demetrius Bell gave up 2 sacks in record time.  The line was just manhandled.  It is now code fire engine red time for bringing in any possible upgrades for the OL. 

4)  CJ Spiller had one good run.  The rest of the night he looked like a cluless 16 year old playing in the NFL.  Granted the O line was awful.  However, CJ fails to set up blocks, has seemingly poor vision, and can't break pinky tackles let alone arm tackles.  His pass protection was abysmal.  His missing a blitzing LB nearly got Fitz killed.  CJ also failed to demonstrate the ability to make defenders miss.  Early in the game Urbik missed a block on an otherwise perfectly executed Screen in the right flat.  CJ was easily brought down by the LB/DB Urbik missed.  I expected CJ to turn that play into a big gainer by making one man miss.   If CJ does not learn pass protection he has no business being on the field.

5)  Reggie Torbor looked old and slow.  He was bad in coverage and bad against the run.


I am sure I missed some good bad and ugly.  Please chime in to fill in the blanks and tell me where you disagree. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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