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Well that's was a bit harsh eh. The Bills showed up on Saturday night but that's about all they did. I know it's gotta be hard to be Chan right now. He is a pure innovator on offence and I'm sure he doesn't want to give to much away about what he's trying to accomplish on that side of the ball. Keeping it "Vanilla" as Brian would say is really hurting our appearance as an offensive football team.

Fitzy has been less then spectacular to be quite honest, (I know he hasn't had much time to throw the ball) but when he's had time, he has over thrown a few guys. Specifically, 1 play stands out in my mind. It was in the 2nd quarter of Saturday's game, He stood in the pocket nice and tall, on his tip toes. Stevie ran a crossing pattern about 22 yds deep, Stevie was coming over the middle in perfect stride had some light and Fitzy throws behind him and high. If we are going to make a jump in the standings and Fitzyis going to be our QB, he has to be able to make that throw!, Yes he was pressured at the last second but nothing to hectic as he had the chance to step into the throw and deliver the ball and he just had a bad throw. There were a few more but to me this one really stood out because any good QB from Tom Brady all the way down to Sam Bradford can make that throw and Fitzy HAS to make that throw.

WOW, how much of a difference can Shawne Meeriman make! Merriman in Chicago had pressure from everywhere, Buffalo - Shawne had maybe 3 pressures from the starting 11, mind you; like Chan said it was pretty Vanilla, but still.

It was nice to see Stevie step up and go after Rahim Moore after that hit (another poor fitzy throw). Donald Jones laid it on the line to try and make the catch and he got lit up, but like I said, good on Stevie for stepping up for his teammate. That stuff goes a long way in terms of team building.

Spiller and Freddie had some nice runs, good to see Chan utilizing the counter, but again he doesn't want to show too much but they showed some nice patience and good burst getting outside and turning that corner.

What a TE screen to Chandler in the 1st quarter. That was a thing of beauty. gained about 8 ydson the play but just a great football play, textbook. Held the block 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi, released, and boom theres the ball. Great!. I jumped off my couch, LOVED IT!

Our offence is really missing Roscoe it seems, I'm actually kind of glad though. I really want to see how Chan utilizes him now that Lee is gone. I think we will continue to see the bubble screens and stuff, I think that goes without saying, but how Chan uses him now in those 20 yd routes and 15 yd hooks, Roscoe is so shifty that he can really create space if he runs a good route. Now the other half of the equation is, can fitzy get the ball to him as he is a shorter receiver?  He struggles getting it to guys that are 6'2 and above let alone Roscoe who is 5'9.

How about that back shoulder throw from Thigpen to Huggins, That was a great play, very much like the play Denver had with Orton and Lloyd. (By the way Orton looked pretty impressive)

A little non Bills statement here, I have a feeling the Chiefs are going to win the AFC West. I took Jamaal Charles with my first pick in Fantasy and I think it's going to work out quite well. Sorry just a quick thought there.

Marcell Dareus is going to be Special. The kid is a beast, Teams are already doubling him. To me that sends a message to all the veterans in our lineup, step your game up cause the rook is getting doubled and still producing.

Good riddance Aaron Maybin, I hope to god you flop wherever you go because if you become a top flight pass rusher somewhere else, I will loose alot of confidence in our talent evaluation.

Man could we use some OL help. A couple (more like a ton of people) on this site begged for us to grab some help in the off season and the FO felt we were well suited to stand pat (aside from the Clabo interest) and boy were they wrong. Bell has had lead feet, Wood hasn't played as well as he should, our RG situation is a nightmare because Urbik has no push for a guy that is 320 lbs, Pears for better or for worse has looked ok, and well our LG situation is almost as bad as our RG. I hope OBD gets it figured out pretty quick because we look like a bunch of pop warner kids going against the all star team.

Our UDFA's looked like UDFA's didn't they. If Brady Quinn is making you look bad, then you are just flat out bad. Enough said.

For a guy like Lee Evans to get traded, you would think there would be someone waiting in the wings to replace him. It was said that Donald Jones was the front runner to replace him, well I am still waiting, because, from what I have seen; and correct me if I am wrong, he has not caught one pass in 2 games.

To be quite honest, I am not to concerned about what is going on in this pre season, in a shortened off season you have to get your stuff together real quick and the Bills are a team that cannot afford to not give these young guys chances. Who cares if you go 0-4 in the pre-season, if you find a couple of gems in your UDFA core, it's well worth it.

Danny Batten looked really impressive in the first pre-season game, enough that he got the start in the second pre-season game but to no avail, he really struggled against the Denver zone blocking scheme and he even had an offsides penalty. Just keep improving kid it will come.

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