Salary cap watch - possible surprise cuts looming

I was listening to Sirius NFL network yesterday and they were discussing how the Oakland Raiders are in very serious cap troubles, it would seem that they are well over the cap by at least 17M and they will need to cut some guys to fit within the cap.  The other surprising teams mentioned were Steelers (11.5M) & Texans (8M)

So I started to look at who could possibly be a surprise cut from either of those teams:

Raiders (17M over the cap)

Sebastien Janikowski would be my first target.  Much bigger leg than Ryan, which would be a big plus in our windy stadium.

Micheal Huff (s):  This guy has never really performed up to his expectations and it would not surprise me at all if he would find himself part of the casualties. 

Another possibility could be Khalif Barnes (OT).  The just extended both Routt & Seymour within the year and they say that prevents them from re-structuring their contracts.  I'm not sure if releasing them would have a positive affect or not but if they could, it seems that Seymour represents $15M against their cap which is huge!!  I would definitely consider Seymour in a Bills uniform and I wonder how motivated he'd be to go after Bellichick twice a year?


Steelers (11.5M over the cap)

James Farrior (SILB):  Probably still one of the best strong ILBs in the league.  He's up there in age at 36 but does not have an injury prone career so it's probably a safe bet that he could give us 1-2 solid years.

They are probably in a much better position than the raider to be able to re-structure some of their contracts to save some room.


Texans (8M over the cap)

Danieal Manning (s) or Kevin Walter (WR).  This is such a young team that it's hard to imagine who else could be a cap casualty.  Probably Eugene Wilson (s) but i'm not sure that he'd be much of an upgrade for us.  Then there's Anthonio Smith (DE) that has a high cap count and with rookie JJ Watt chosen in the 1st, smith could be become a casualty.  Maybe Dreesen (TE) but would he be superior to what we already have?



Personally I'd be waiting to pounce on

Top priority:  Farrior & Seymour & Huff

second tier:  Janikowski, Manning

worth at least some consideration:  Manning, Smith, Barnes

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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