Not Jumping The Gun, But This Is Not A Pessamistic Post

Before I start I would like to say  going through a morning with out my morning coffee absolutely sucks!

Things I Really Liked: Aside from the obvious Scott Chandler comments

- David Nelson, after a very quiet pre season he came out and provided us with exactly what we expect from him, good underneath routes, good YAC and just a reliable target for Fitzy to throw too.

- Leodis McKelvin, He finally looked like a corner we can count on. He was buzzing around the football and aside from 1 really out of position play on a Charles long run he looked really good.

- Chan Gailey, First and foremost for going with the running game and sticking with the running game and once we got up by 4 TD's getting the backups in for some quality time. He rested the guys that need the rest and played the guys that need the PT, that's what I really liked, he kept Pears and Urbik in, he kept Donald Jones in the game and that list goes on but I really like how he managed the roster yesterday!

Chris Kelsay, on 3 separate occasions the old Chris Kelsay over pursues and the Chiefs get a big gain, and the new Chris Kelsay stopped read the play correctly and made the play. A TE Screen to Leonard Pope, A fake end around (where he stayed with the end around), and The Matt Cassel Sack (instead of plowing through the pocket he angled towards the pocket and forced Cassel to step up)  

Fred Jackson, Scott Chandler

Things I Am Optimistic About:

Aaron Williams, it seemed to me George Edwards was using Williams as a blanket on Jamaal Charles, and buy did he play that role nicely. Charles TD should have been a pick and he jumped the route, read Cassel like a book but the ball squeaked through his hands. He didn't look like a rook, he looked like a kid who belonged out there.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Decision Making), Only once did Fitzy throw a ball he shouldn't have, and good on Donald Jones for playing DB on that play but aside for that throw, Fitzy managed the game very very well and threw the ball to the WR's that were open or had the best chance to make an impact on that given play. My one question is this, did Scott Chandler not read the blitz and by accident he was wide open in the end zone?. The Chiefs brought the house, and when a team brings the house its the slot mans job to read blitz and read hot route. Normally the hot route is a 5 yd hook or something. Maybe the hot route was the seem post but I think he read that play wrong but was wide open because of it, just a thought.

Jarius Byrd, I was really down on Byrd last year because of his play and his lack of tackling ability, but yesterday he laid some really strong hits and was all over the field. Jarius I am sorry and you looked like a Pro Bowl FS yesterday.

Things I Am Slightly Concerned With:

Shawne Merriman, He lays a huge hit and he gets hurt, not good. He came back which made me feel good but he came back and played less than stellar and almost conservative. Get healthy Shawne cause just having you on the field helps us.

Our TE coverage, on more then a few occasions Leonard Pope was wide open with no Bills around himn for a least 5 yds. If that's Hernandez or Gronkowski we are in trouble. Barnett on a few occasions made some great reads and allowed himself to get into position and make the tackle (especially on McCluster) I will say this. On the play to MCcluster, Barnett could have over pursued and tried to force the in-completion but he allowed McCluster to make the catch but positioned himself to make sure MCluster went no where. Thats experience and good mental capability on the football field.

The Disappearance of Roscoe Parrish: Maybe it was because the Chiefs focused on him, or maybe Fitzy was in a grove, but Roscoe really did not do much in this football game. (aside from that great PR)

Things That Pissed Me Off:

Terrance McGee, FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME! and it wasn't like he got hit or even blocked he was running to the ball and he fell down and boom he's gone. I know it's not his fault he got injured but man is that disheartening to see him fall down to a phantom injury.

CJ Spiller, Spiller had what about 10 touches in total. and with those 10 touches 3 were productive 2 8-9 yd runs and a catch out of the slot. Every other touch was a 1-2-3 yd loss. He has to be better and he has to be utilized better. he showed great burst on the TD run (maybe it was because he smelt end zone) but on all his other runs he very very ineffective.

Other Thoughts:

What a catch Stevie Johnson, Marcell did exaclty what we needed him to do clog up some lanes, occupy a couple blockers and just stay on the field no matter what the situation, Donald Jones hmmmmmm, Great TD catch and great on ya preventing a pick but what are you doing on some of your routes? Good Pick Drayton good recognition of a poor decision by Matt Cassel, 2 lapses in the running game and 2 huge gains.

I had this talk with my best friend who is a Chiefs fan, if the Chiefs don't fumble the opening kickoff I think this is a different game, but he did fumble and we did kick the crap out of the Chiefs!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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