A Few Observations -

So, watching this game with my newborn in my lap, I have the following comments to make: 

-I watched the NFL Network's Sound FX early this morning when they had Pat Schurmer miked up for the Browns loss to the Bengals last week.  So at the end of the game, Shurmer is telling Dickie Jauron (Browns' D Coordinator, dontcha know?) that they have to keep pushing ahead, it was a tough loss, staying focused, etc.  In the middle of his little rant, he looks at DJ, and says 'Right?  You know?  Uh, right?"  DJ doesn't move a muscle, just keeps staring vacantly into space.  Finally, after further prodding, he says, "Sure."  I laughed...thank god that guy is no longer roaming the Bills' sideline.   

-It's so nice to see the Bills running slant patterns.  And completing them.  To the right team. 

-The Fitz QB sneak on 3rd or 4th and 1 in 3Q, when the O-Line blew the Raiders off the ball and Fitz picked up 3 just diving into the pile?  That epitomizes to me the entirely changed culture of this team.  

-I knew Barnett was a hell of a player, but this?  Had no idea.  What a nose for the ball.  

-They dropped several balls early, but did they have one meaningful drop in the last 25 minutes?  I mean, Nelson and Chandler both made some incredible grabs, even Donald Jones made a monstrous tough catch on the 4th down conversion inside the 20 on the last drive.  Not to mention, not once did I get nervous they weren't going to convert on either of those final two 4th downs.  It was more of a 'I wonder who will get the ball this time?'  What a weird feeling.  

-For everyone who said Gailey and Nix don't have a plan, everything seems to be random in terms of personnel moves or game planning, now's your time to seek repentance.  Do they still have holes?  Yes, plenty.  Still short on talent?  Yep.  Have they had a few misses or headscratchers?  Sure, the Kelsey extension being the foremost in my mind, but name one GM who hasn't?  They appear to have focused on creating a roster full of a bunch of young, hungry players who can or do produce within their system and surrounding them with select free agents who they don't overvaule.  They are ruthless when those players don't produce (see cutting starters in mid-season).  I really like the direction, although I still think they're going to need another very good draft before they can realistically contend.  

-The one player who seems to be benefiting the most from Merriman's presence?  IMO, the aforementioned Kelsey.  

-I watched the NE/SD game this afternoon.  While I don't expect the Bills to win next week, I would not at all be surprised to see another wild shootout.  Spiller could have a really nice game against those weak LBs and safeties (other than Chung).  

-Lastly, its nice to be a fan of a team that is getting some positive notoriety from the national media for a change.  Haven't had that feeling since the Bledsoe era 31-0 win over the Pats.  What was that, like 10 years ago?  Yikes.  Nice work, Bills!

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