Gotta Vent A Bit..... But What A Great Football Game

Before I start. I want to say this, I almost had a heart attack yesterday, the emotional up and downs, its enough to make a 25 year old man feel like he is 60.....

1: What is wrong with the Defense? I have the answer. Scheming. Plain and simple. Who is Oakland's main threat? Darren McFadden, how do you neutralize Darren? Put a spy on him. Nick Barnett, your task for today's game. Shadow Darren McFadden, on 3 separate occasions The Bills completely forgot Darren was on the field and 3 separate occaisions he burned us for 2 first downs and a TD. BRUTAL at the time when we need to get stops to secure the game. When a player of his calibre is on the field and he is the go to guy, you have to force other players to beat you!

2: Denarius Moore made Leodis McKelvin look ridiculous. Leo should have had 2 Ints and a pass break up, instead he had 3 rec's against him. The first fade, where Jason Campbell just lobbed the ball in the air, I am sitting on my couch going oh yeah that's a pick, and what do ya know  Moore comes down with it and Leo is pissed. Leo if you just stopped took a breath settled underneath it like a CF and just jump it's yours, but your to busy trying to watch the Qb and the WR at the same time. the 2nd fade down the sideline was a great pass, and to be honest with Moore's speed I don't think Darelle Revis makes that play (Yeah a Jam at the line helps but when Moore beats ya withhis first move your as good as done). The 3rd play that Oakland took the lead with is just as much George Wilson's as it is Leo's. George take the man! forget about the ball; your a SS, make the big hit and make sure he can't catch it because you hit him so hard. Leo was right there and again if he just focuses on Moore's hands he breaks that play up.

3: Marcell Dareus is a BEAST, I just love seeing a 325lb man chasing RB's from behind, making plays at the LOS and just out hustling guys on the same play.

4: Is it me or does it seem like Shawne Merriman is just quietly going about his business, and aside from the off field stuff is just a solid if unspectacular OLB. He got held real bad on the last play of the game and if that had of been a TD I would have thrown my remote control threw the screen hahahahah. He got burned once on not setting the edge but he has been consistent at the POA and is just really doing exactly what Chris Kelsay is doing, his job and nothing more.

5: From my POV, the game ball has to go to Stevie Johnson. He drew 5 penalties, was hurt, and still dominated this entire game. he can share the game ball with Chan who called a MARVelous game. Whether it was calling for a shotgun run or a deep fade down the sidelines to Stevie he called a fabulous game. Kudos to Fitzy and Fred who played outstanding but Stevie was limping and still making plays!!!

6: Fitzy is a very smart man. Three separate occasions on third down he saw, and knew there was a flag, so what's he do? He throws to the guy thats is covered and blanketed hahahaha. But Fitzy's demeanor yesterday was what really stood out to me. He didn't get excited until the Bills took the lead with0:16 left, when they were rallying from behind he just went about it in such a professional manner, and to see him chest bumping the old boy in the grey coat was just AWESOME!

7: David Nelson, welcome back my man. Clutch receptions and great route running, (I thought he was going to drop that final score, Just Buffalo luck I guess) But David Nelson just played his role absolutely perfect and had himself a very very good game! Same goes for Scott Chandler. Fitzy called on him twice andhe caught both balls and in a very clutch manner, that ball in the end zone was not an easy catch it was zipped in there and tipped and he still caught it.

8: Bye Bye Ruvell Martin! What a joke, this guy gets his shot and whats he do drops all three passes at him, and the first drop, i could have caught that ball and probably ran for another 20 yds after it. He should be relased and I am not over exagerating one bit when I say that. You need to perform in The NFL and he did everything but perform.

9: Donald Jones! He is absolutely silent for the entire game and catches a HUGE 4th down reception in traffic to keep the game Alive, If he has 2 catches a game and they on 3rd or 4th down andhe gets a 1st, I can live with that.

Little More.....

Good to see CJ contributing and breaking tackles, it has been stated that if he can make that first guy miss he will be a dangerous back, Kudos to the OL (and CHAN AGAIN) for keeping Fitzy upright and only allowing 1 sack, George Edwards get your stuff together because you have the best offensive football team in the NFL coming int he week and you couldn't scheme for the Raiders (no disrespect to the Raiders who played very well but) and last but not least, Fred Jackson - YOU ARE AMAZING, I started laughing when he ducked under Richard Seymour, that is a perennial pro bowl DL and he made him look foolish. He just always knows where the defenders are and just flat out makes them miss, again, YOU ARE AMAZING!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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