BrainDump From ReWatch

This definitely seemed like a game I needed to rewatch. There was so much emotion during the game I felt like I was in a fog watching it. Bullets flying everywhere.


1st Half.


Fitz looked tenative on the first drive. Just not comfortable. Hopefully he can continue to gain confidence as the year goes along.

Roscoe dropped an easy one that he might have been able to sqeak out a first down with alot of luck.

Wasn't bummed about Roscoe's drop as much I was bummed we were losing the field position battle early in the game.

CJ Spiller had a catch across the middle and was BARELY tackled by Michael Huff. Just tripped him up. Soooo close to being a HUGE gainer.

BAD penalty by Donald Jones totally killed the momentum on the Bills second drive. Really annoying. We had first and 10 at the Raider 39.

Leodis McKelvin

He got smoked down the right hand side of the field. Good throw, fast receiver, just got beat. Obviously I don't like it, but it happens. I am fine with that.I can move on. More pressure on the QB helps too. The guy was crazy fast.

Second time he got beat deep down the middle he had great coverage, made a great play on the ball, did everything right. Just a great catch. If anything I think it is George Wilson we should be looking at, he is supposed to be over the top and needs to separate the receiver and the ball. I think that is his play.

Right before half Stevie and Fitz ALMOST hooked up for TD. Fitz threw high and Stevie couldn't haul it in. He ran a great route. I think if Fitzy hits him in stride he runs in for a score.

I am not down on Leodis yet I am going to stick with him. I think he aggressive, which I really like in CB. I hope he bounces back strong against NE. I am down on George Wilson he doesn't do much me. I question his toughness. I don't think he likes to hit. He acts like a business man with a football jersey on. Anyways, I am sure people are going to light me up for it, but oh well.


1st half Summary:

IMO I think the first half was a game of missed opportunities for the Bills. They were just a couple of plays, on both sides of the ball, from being in control of the game. Obviously if Fitzy doesn't throw the awful pick in our maybe its only 14-3. That can be corrected. I think he was frustrated. The other two scores were set up by just one big Raiders play on the drive. Those can be corrected. Overall, in the first half I thought the defense did a good job "CONTAINING" the Raiders offense. Wish I am happy with. That would have been my goal too. On offense, if CJ breaks a tackle in the middle of the field, one on one,  we might score on the second drive. The bad penalty was a killer too on that drive. Just before half we were very close to scoring a TD too. Obviously we all know what happend in the second half.

Hoping for the best this week against the Brady's. Hopefully Chan and Co. can come up with a killer gameplan and boys show up for the whole game.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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