My wife has to put up with more footballer does she do it?

It has happened to her again, but she knew it would.  She blames herself for putting up with my football season nonsense but this year it just got a whole lot worse for her.  She could handle losing me for six months to someone else, but now there is a new person on the scene.

In Australia, the Aussie Rules season is just about to wrap up. My beloved Carlton Blues went down to the West Coast Eagles in an epic final which went down to the wire...think wide right epic. Our captain is a guy called Chris Judd, a level head genius, the best player the league (not just my view but has won two Brownlow Medals (our MVP) and should win his third this year).  He is down to earth guy, can speak in fully formed sentences and is just one of those guys you wish you were friends with (as opposed to some of the self absorbed dills) .  He is as my wife says, the third party in the marriage. He is my man-crush during AFL season.

She knows I haven't had a full on Bills man-crush for some time. Freddy nearly got there. TO was never really a chance.  Kelsay certainly has the guns for the job.  Stevie is entertaining and cool enough, loves the Bills and tweets some pretty funny stuff.   Meatball..well..Meatball is just adorable in that cheek pinching kinda way.  But there wasn't "the guy"

But over the past six months, she said she knew there was someone else. Towards the end of last the last NFL season,  I had grown my beard again, was re-reading my economics texts books and I was wearing my jerseys in the Aussie summer heat. A bit weird she thought, but left it alone.

Her suspicions were raised when, after years of pleading for a franchisee QB in the draft, I was muttering "if they take a QB, I will kill them".   When they drafted Dareus, I did my Amish Rifle squeal!! (you know the one, sounds like a little girl)

But the jig was up when she saw the receipt for the Fitzpatrick jersey from in the email.  She realised one man crush would end with the AFL season and would roll into another during NFL season. She would have no man-crush off season.  I could see it in her face, it was bloody Thurman Thomas all over again.

So I declare here, in front of Bills fans, I love Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitz Magic.  The Amish Rifle.  I haven't loved to watch a player this much since Thurman and Jim.

It is not just the play: the sling it all over the shop, big balled way he controls the offence. It is the calm, underdog who can laugh at himself (especially after a good victory squeal).  He doesn't talk about himself in the third person.  He doesn't talk about his contract when baited by the media. He just leads and competes.  No fuss, no BS. A leader of men. A leader of a rag tag collection of rejects and low draft picks who are becoming one kick arse team. He loves his team mates, coach and city and he lets them know it.

This is my kind of guy.  A guy I can cheer for when we win.  A guy I can still root for when we lose. This is the guy who  I want to lead this team for years to come.  

Ryan Fitzpatrick, I love you man! 

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