That Was By Far And Away The Most Intense Football Game I Have Ever Seen!

First off, Way to go Bills, You worked real hard and waited a very very long time for that one. That game was earned. No one handed that game to Buffalo and when we needed the big play we got it. Well done Chan, well done Buddy, well done team.

What more can you say about Fred Jackson. The guy carries the ball 12 times and has 70 yds while averaging 6.6 ypc, and New England knew we were running when we did, and Fred still managed 6.6 ypc. Fred has an amazing ability to stay on his feet and that cannot go unnoticed. He should and almost definitely will get an extension, but when the timing is right. His Big play ability just amazes me, and the announcers touched on it. When Buffalo gets Fred involved good things happen. Whether its a screen, or Fred in the slot running for 40 yd gain (I'm so glad that wasn't a TD) he just makes things happen and its awesome.

JAIRUS BYRD, My Man, I noted on this site about a week ago that he in my mind is this teams Defensive MVP and boy did he show it. Whether it was coming up andhelping with the run, drilling Wes Welker(which I don't think was penalty, it's just because Wes it so short) or having a huge pass break up. He has just been doing everything for this football team and it's really noticeable, and watching him chirping Logan Mankins after the Bryan Scott INT and Logan wanting to throttle him, It's just Awesome and keep up the good work Jarius.

Speaking of the Bryan Scott Int, WHAT A GAME SAVER, and we turned it into 3, which proved to be so crucial. Very lucky and very timely be still awesome and was absolutely critical in us winning this football game.

Leodis had himself a nice comeback game (Aside from the Ocho drop) a pick, almost had the goaline tackle on Wes to prevent a TD (just a hair late), had a tackle on Wes that forced the FG  and made some nice hustle plays (especially hurting Aaron Williams, just kidding)

Reggie Corner, comes into the game and just plays well. He din not hurt this team in any way shape or form and played solid he even had a pass breakup. Good on ya Reggie, goes from being cut to being a key ingredient to this team picking up the W.

GEORGE EDWARDS - We need to have a chat you and I (hahhahaa) Some of his play selection/strategy really had me angry on Sunday. Putting Chris Kelsay on Gronk in the slot What?, lining Aaron Williams on Wes Welker after Welker went for 75 yds on the opening drive, Playing Zone coverage when Brady is only throwing to 2 guys. Deion Branch 0 Catches, Ocho 1 catch, West Welker 16 catches , 2TD's, Gronk 8 catches 2 TD's, hmmmmmm. Our Run D was dominant to the point where New England only had 1 gain over 10 yds on a run and still you insisted opn playing Zone Scheme, BRUTAL. Then the 4th Quarter comes and we line George Wilson on Gronk regardless of where he lines up and we double him, Now that's what I'm talking about.

Nick Barnett had a real bonehead personal foul penalty, I don't know what that was all about but it almost cost us the game (cue Bryan Scott's pick)

Shawne Merriman quietly played awesome, he had the LT guessing alot of the time and sometimes he just flat out didn't rush andit really confused New England. His penetration on the goaline was integral to that near goaline stand.

Stevie Johnson, you amaze me. The kid catches everything, everything! I was cussing out Donald Jones for not catching the ball and then I watch Fitzy throw to Stevie and its like man this guy will catch absolutley anything you throw his way, and I cannot reitterate enough how important he is to this football team. New England was so worried about Stevie beating them that they rolled the safety to his side on almost every second half possession and Donald Jones stepped up and had himself a football game.

Fitzy, well your not the most accurate guy in the world, and a questionable decision led to that 2nd pick, but you are a fearless leader, a smart man, and great football player. A True Leader in every sense of the word. You need to learn how to take a knee but other then that you played awesome. Listening to Rich Gannon question his decision to throw that ball to the endzone, I was like there's no way he did that without something else going on then I saw the flag and was like AHA. PI, boys were going to the goaline.

The OL/Chan. There's two sides to this. The OL has been flat out awesome, no questions asked, but I really think Chan has alotto do with it. The passes he draws up/calls really help Fitzy get rid of the ball quick andto guys in space too. The difference between New England line and ours is Brady has all day in the pocket, Fitzydoesn't but they both are extremely productive and Chan has alot to do with that, so does the OL but a Great job to both of you.

Who knew our 3rd overall pick would make such a difference? From the Run D to him getting his helmet in the passing lane. That play changed the mometum of this game, to the point where I sat on my couch and declared Buffalo the winner with about 8 min left in the 4th, knowing full well new England was going to tie that game and we were going to win.

The Bills struggled to defend Wes Welker, but who doesn't ? The Bills had a few to many 3 and outs for my liking, but who doesn't ? We gave up to many points but against the Pats who doesn't ? We are 3-0 and on top of the division for the first time since 2008, we have a ong way to go no doubt about it, but the AFC is beating up on each other, The Raiders are 2-1 (Great call Kurupt) and so are the Chargers and there is alot of parody in this league. We have won 1 game though and cannot get ahead of ourselves. We have a great chance at going 4-0 before hosting a very very good Philidelphia Eagles @ home. Cinci has a great D by the looks of it andwe are going on the road so we cannot just chalk this up as a win but if we can go 4-0 that would go along way towards us moving forward.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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