Things still to be proven

I am setting myself to be slaughtered after the week we had beating the patriots. There is a sense of joy that was not there for a decade here. All of last week the question was, are the bills for real. And now we believe they have answered it. Well, me thinks not so fast.

Here are a list of things that still need to be proven.

1. How would this offense work against above average defenses let alone really good ones?

It is a known fact that the 3 opponents we faced had horrible defenses. KC was supposed to have good defense but after they lost Berry against us they have collapsed. Oakland had the best pass rushing last year. They believe in bullying. But just as last year, even with all that pass rush they still allow a lot of points to be scored. New england defense was bad last year and has become worse. Henne put 400+ yards on that defense. In points allowed, these 3 teams are 27th, 28th & 32nd.

First test: This week against the Bengals. 6th in points allowed so far. And they have very good pass rush although we answered that question against oakland.

2. Bills defense:

We ourselves are 21st in points allowed. We are much improved from last year but we are not scaring anyone. If Fitz has a bad day the defense is not going to rescue us. That's not a sign of a team heading to playoffs through the AFC east.

3. Pass rush:

Our pass rush has 2 sacks in 3 games. We can attirbute that to our focus on stopping the run. But good teams like the steelers stop the run and still have the best pass rush in the league. We need to draft a rushing OLB next year.

4. Pass defense:

They did a great job of intercepting Brady. Without pass rush, this group has a lot of load on it. We are 24th in the league in yards allowed and not just because of brady. Jason campbell exploited us. And 7TDs in 3 games amounts to 37 TDs in a season. Plus the QBs are completing 65% of they passes at 7.3 avg.

5. Where is fitz heading?

We all hope he is our franchise qb. I really do. But an interesting stat. Fitz TD-INT through 3 games. 4-0, 3-1, 2-2...

6. How deep is this team?

I guess we will know as we play more.

Credit where its due:

1. I am believing in our run defense. We are still 24th in yards allowed and give 4.7 average. But most of the average is because of backups running up the yards. We are effective in stopping the run.

2. Run game is humming.

3. Oline is doing a spectacular job so far.

So early in the season with 3 victories I still say we are an 8-8 team. But each week as they answer more questions the confidence will increase.Think of it this way, before the season started if someone said would you take an 8-8 season with beating the pats, everyone would gladly take it after a 4-12 season. Expecting more already after a 3-0 start is just coz of hysteria.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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