DeeElAre's Fearless Week 4 Predictions


Bills vs. Bengals

1st Quarter: Bills D has trouble adjusting to the Bengals under Dalton, allows 2 passing TDs through the air. Fitz and Co. stay hot, and match the Bengals drive for drive.

End Quarter 1: Bills 14, Bengals 14


2nd Quarter: After having established the pass in the first quarter, the Bills work screens and draws to perfection against an overaggressive Bengals front, and keep them off balance all quarter. Defense figures out Dalton, shuts down Benson.

Halftime: Bills 21 Bengals 14.


3rd Quarter: With the lead, Bills go to the ground game, put together extended scoring drives, limit Bengals chances. Bengals abandon running game, let Dalton sling it around, leading to at least 1 pick.

End Quarter 3: Bills 35, Bengals 17


4th Quarter: Bills go into clock killing mode, score one more TD with the starters, put in the backups. CJ Spiller looks good with the time he’s given.

Final Score: Bills 45, Bengals 24


Bears 14, Panthers 27

Cam stays hot, makes fewer mistakes, Jay Cutler gets sacked like 10 more times


Tennessee 17, Browns 10

Matt Hasselbeck keeps enjoying his renaissance


Detroit 35, Dallas 32

Detroit pulls the upset, Suh punctures Romos other lung


Pittsburgh 14, Houston 31

Sorry, but Houston’s been good, and Pittsburgh barely beat the Colts


New Orleans 38, Jacksonville 24

Drew Brees is going to be Drew Brees


Minnesota 21, Kansas City 3

Minnesotas only been good in the first half of games, but KC hasn’t been good at all.


San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 21

Upset! San Fran pulls it together and beats the Dream Team


Washington 27, St. Louis 28

Steven Jackson is back, and so is bad Rex Grossman


Atlanta 31, Seattle 12

Tarvaris Jackson is not a good quarterback.


New York Giants 28, Arizona 14

Giants D makes Kolb wish he stayed a backup


Denver 7, Green Bay 35

No explanation needed


New England 35, Oakland 38  

New England didn’t prove they could stop a power running game last week, Raiders capitalize, Belichick has an aneurism on the sidelines


Miami 10, San Diego 28

Bolts squish the fish


New York Jets 24, Baltimore Ravens 35

When Flacco is good, hes good.


Indianapolis 31, Tampa Bay 20

Indy has enough of losing, the Bucs look past them, Indy gets their first win.

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