Three new signings this week!!


Let me start by saying that I dont think any of us guessed what Chix was going to do this week 100% right.  I know I was sure surprised by a few moves.  Now that the picture is getting a little clearer I thought I would make a few predictions. 

One of the moves that I had wrong this week was the release of J. Hangartner.  I thought Chan would keep him one more year.  I am still not convinced that we can replace him for much less money.  There is a chance that we can get a better OG in the next few days.  I sure hope that is what the thought process was.

I also did not see the Rogers taking Corner's roster spot coming.  I take that as good news that this years 7th round pick is beating out a 3yr vet that was picked in the fourth round.

Another one I did not see coming was Eddins beating out A. Coleman for a OLB spot.  Many were upset that we let Coleman go bc they dont think he will stick on the PS.  Fine, but if Chan really thinks Eddins is a better player than Coleman then why is this a bad thing??  Again I like the fact that we have young eager guys that are outplaying guys that we saw promise in last year.

One that I did see and called was R. Martin getting the 6th WR spot on the team.  We certainly do have a log jam of talent at WR. With Aiken, and Rosevelt sitting on the PS, it puts some serious pressure on R. Parrish.  If he cant get through this his last contract  year without a serious injury he might be gone.  We will need some luck this year not to loose either of our PS WR's.

Prediction #1:    I do not think that C. Brown will be on the 53 man roster in KC.   I think we will sign a new interior o-lineman now.  Why did we let Wrotto, and Wang go now and leave Brown on the roster?  I think it was a favor tohelp them be able to sign with a new team as early as possible if they can.  Brown has little chance of getting on another team so keeping him on our roster a few days longer is not going to hurt him.  Brown will  be the first man cut to bring in a new O-lineman.

Prediction #2:  We will sign a new OT this week.  There are just under 840 guys that have been cut in the last few days.  There is going to be some talent out there this week.  Will we be able to get two O-lineman that are better then the Hangartner/Wrotto combo this week off from other team cuts?  I do not know, but I do think that is what the plan is.  They cant get much worse so the risk reward IMO is in our favor.  To do this TE Z.Pianalto will be sent to the PS.

Prediction #3:  We sign a very serviceable SS that will push G. Wilson for his job and make the depth at (S) look much better.  Searcy is the future at SS but we are one injury away from him playing there full time early this year.  I just dont think he is ready for that.  Scott, Corto, and Nesbit dont solve this problem so I think Nix will go out and get someone.  This move will require C. White or Eddins to go to the PS.  My guess is it will be White. 

In the end we will end up with better O-line and SS depth and an even more talented PS consisting of:

L. Brown, K. Aiken, N. Rossevelt, Z. Pianalto, M. Jasper, A. Coleman, C. White, and J. Nesbit.  We could lose a few off this group.  This is a good sign that our talent is getting better.

On a side note I have not heard how they pulled it off yet, but I am happy that we will get B. Hall back next year.  Some how got him on IR, but I have not heard what the injury is. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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