Brain Purge

- There are a few things that I simply just don't understand.

1) We all knew that this team had lots of players at OLB and WR. So why is it so crazy to think that the Bills would have to make some hard decisions and cut players that we all (for whatever reason) like? I mean losing Coleman and Roosevelt isn't exactly crippling to this team at this point. Yes it would have been great to see them go to the practice squad but they would also have to agree to sign with the Bills and stay with them in that capacity. Maybe the Bills tried to sign them and they said, "No thanks I think I will try and find a job on an active roster somewhere." It just seems like the Bills still kept good players, it isn't like they kept guys that are worse. Why does everyone point their angst towards the Bills for cutting two guys who were undrafted free agents just one year ago? I don't get it.

1-A) On a side note do we even think that the 6th WR will even be on the field on Sundays? with Brad Smith as the 3rd QB/5th WR I am willing to bet that on most Sundays the Bills only keep 4 active WRs. Lets not forget that both Jackson and Spiller can line up wide vs a linebacker and create match up issues, (see Fred's catch over Poz in pre-season game vs Jags.) So all of the disappointment over losing what? A guy that wouldn't even play? I don't get it.

2) Why does everyone think that Levitre was in jeopardy of losing his job? Is it so inconceivable to think that Gailey wanted to reward Reinhardt for his good play and rather then take some much needed reps from a guy like Urbik, who needed them, he took them from his most experienced and possibly best lineman? Show me one quote from Gailey where he said that he was less then pleased with Levitre's play and that is why he was "demoted". Quite the opposite, when asked directly if he was unhappy with Andy's play Chan said he was not and that he was quite happy with it. Can we drop that ridiculousness please?

3) While I get that losing Pianalto kinda stinks, why is no one excited about picking up Lee Smith? Kid was a very sought after player once he was cut from the Pats. Five teams put in a claim for him. This kid could very well turn into the stud this team has been looking for since Pete Metzelaars left. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself but again this seems like fans are harping on the Bills for losing an undrafted kid that we only got to see play in a few pre-season games.  He has an injury history from college, (one of the main reasons he went undrafted) and I can't remember anybody having him making the roster in any of their predictions. But now that he is lost it is a huge blow? What?

4) I have seem on several occasions were somebody has aid that the Aaron Williams pick was pointless. What? Really? At the time of the draft the only CBs the Bills had under contract were an aging McGee, an inconsistent and still unproven McKelvin, and Reggie Corner. That pick made a ton of sense. I don't get it.

5) And on that subject why do people insist on calling Spiller a bust? Dude has had one injury plagued year. Maybin was a bust, he was healthy and couldn't get on the field. Spiller may not have been the pick you or even I for that matter wanted. Yes I would have preferred a big lineman or really almost anything other then a RB, but that doesn't make Spiller a bust. Do I think Spiller could be an every down back in the NFL? I have my doubts. Do I think the Bills should have spent the 9th overall pick on a guy who might just be nothing more then a 3rd down scat back type player his whole career? No. Does that make Spiller a bust? Not in the slightest. 

Maybe somebody can help me understand some of this silliness.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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