oldtimer takes it on the chan

what a season, i am exhausted from trying to make sense of the bills fall from the heights of hype and hope and fourth quarter miracles and defensive opportunism to the depths of incompetence on steroids...

it was a season with hope, or so it seemed after 7 games in. then the wheels began to come off. it was not clear at first how bad the bills coaching was, because there were so many injuries stacked on top of the cascade of losses that it left many a fan head spinning. speaking of spiller, how about that draft bust not. as for chan taking it, well he lost it somewhere between dallas and miami, and never really got it back, though i must admit i was 2 and 0 at the ralph, having witnessed the raiders and bronco games, and having a blast of a good time at both.

i believe chan knows offense, but i am becoming deeply troubled by his flight from the running game. i just finished reading brady quotes post slaughter at the new england house, and tommy reminded his listeners that offense is about balance, and you have to maintain some balance, and well, did you know the bills abandoned balance a long time ago, and today got super wacky weird in that department.

since chan got strange and perhaps lost some of his marbles on the way to seven losses in a row, he also seemed to demonstrate why delegation of authority is really important to a football team. of course there are some who pull it off but neither hoodie in new england nor the great marv levy ran either of their sides of the ball when they were at their best as head coaches.

chan needs to pass the play calling off to someone else, and he needs to have buddy put it in his contract that he cannot pass the ball more than 60 percent of the time in a game, no matter what.

joking aside, or whatever that was, i do believe the bills showed signs of life, hope etc. they can play with the big boys if they become a balanced offense and keep drafting defense.

as for the stevie problem that came to a head or conclusion today, he says the players had his back and told him he should have been in the lineup. florence said as much as well, saying it had an effect. not good, calling into question the decision of the head coach, but clearly needs to be viewed as a troubling in house sign.

fine the guy big money, but keep playing him.

when it comes to the fitz, i feel sorry for the guy, despite his millions. he got stuck with a pass happy coach and no receivers to throw to midway through the season, and a defense that held 3 teams below 20 points and most teams barely below 40 points. yes, he is showing early career eli manning tendencies, which is why the coach needs to run the ball more and the defense needs to make him a winner like joe flacco, who had the bulk of his offense coming from ray rice, what a concept, a runner delivering the bulk of the offense.

final thoughts for the new year brainstorm or cramp, actually....

if stevie leaves, it will be a huge loss for this team.

if the bills keep edwards, it will be a huge loss for this team.

if chan does not revisit his offensive philosophy this offseason, i will be his worst critic come next fall.

fitz threw 569 passes this season, an average of 35 plus per game, had 24 tds and 23 picks, eli manning type early career numbers. fitz is better than last year, but asked to do too much too soon with an average receiving cast even with stevie in the lineup.

30 passes per game is 480, about where i think fitz is most effective is below 30. today fitz threw 46 despite the fact we had a 21 to 0 lead after 1 period, and we could have done ball control and kept brady off the field. at my bar the fans were starting to yell run the damn ball when we were up 21 to 17 and 21 to 20 and down 28 to 21 and then, well, we were done.

chan needs to mature as a play caller fast. he has had enough experience in the nfl to know better. fitz is fine, but he is not throwing to an elite cast of receivers and he does not have a defense that can recover from ints.

buddy nix better have a few tricks up his sleave or the fan base is gonna get real angry next season and the ralph will struggle to match the sad denver turnout of 45k and change.

the bills offense improved this season despite tons of injuries, the bills defense did not, despite tons of new players. next yr the defense will be better, and if the offense becomes more ball controlled oriented, the bills will finish 9 and 7 or better, a worthy goal and accomplishment, given their decade plus long futility.

i do think it will be the patriots and the packers in the super bowl, but not with enough conviction to bet on it.

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