My mock draft for the playoff bound Buffalo Bills

We all know our glaring needs so no need to recite them. I will just get right into it.

Round 1. ( i do believe trading down would be our best option but prolly wont happen with Chix) So i would go with our top need, a PASS RUSHER. Looking at Highlights from a couple of this years "top pass rushers" i would take...

DE/OLB Nick Perry, USC

I chose him because he looks very explosive off the ball and has an array of moves to get to the quaterback, also he started as a redshirt freshman and has been improving every year and putting up numbers every year and looks to be the best pass rusher in the draft. and a perfect fit for a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 OLB

Other canidates in order would be Alson Jeffery, Whitney Marcelius, Cortney Upshaw, Vinny Curry

Round 2. Since i picked a pass rusher in the first round our other need is weapons for fitz so with the second round i have...

WR Dwight Jones, UNC

Nix said we need to find a calvin johnson like reciever and i believe he is. Hes 6-4 about 220 and has good speed and hands and can go up for the ball. He can step in and Start opposite SJ from day one

Round 3. CB Donny Fletcher, BC

Hes the size chix likes at CB at 6-1 200 lbs. and runs about 4.49 speed. He has a nice skill set with ideal combination of size and speed.

Round 4. QB Russel Wilson, Wisconson

Eventhough hes small i think he could develop into a great Qb at this level. Nix was the one who drafted Brees so i dont think he will be afraid of his hight. With his great college career he could be a steal also he seems to have that IT factor and drive to win for a QB

Round 4. David Paulson, TE, Oregon

Another potiental target for Fitz and put up some good numbers even though Oregon doesnt pass to TEs much in thier offence, he is a good red zone treat and a decent blocker. He could suprise alot of teams and become a great pick.
Round 5. Jacquies Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri

This adds to the pass rush need and this pick could be a steal down the road. ideal size that chix wants at 6-4 250.

Round 6. Mitchell Schwartz, OT, California

At 6-5 325 he has good size and has played well all year and a good value pick. Like Nix said, he will be drafting a tackle in this draft. Played both right and left tackle and has started every game in his college career, so he has good experiance. Also All pac 10 second team.

Round 7 Ben Bojicic, C, Bowling Green

This pick adds depth for the center postion behind Wood. Also a 3 year starter with good experiance.

Our Conditional draft pick i have us going with Brian Hendricks, ILB, Wyoming

Good in college. But a little small. He could be a contributing member of special teams.

Feel free to voice your opinons!

This is what i feel like would be most benifical for the team going forward!

Remember one thing....GO BILLS!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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