What do you like this weekend? - Divisional Playoff Weekend

We're winding down quickly and only have a few more chances for a favorite pastime...wagering on NFL games. Let's recap last week's wildcard picks:

CIN+4 - (L) This was looking good up until JJ Watt's turning point pick six.

CIN@HOU OVER 38.5 - (W) ended with the split on this game thanks to this over pick.

DET@NO OVER 59 - (W) I said last week, "I don't care if NO is playing the '85 Bears, they're gonna put up points in the 40's. While I expect DET to make up the difference" Well sitting at a pub with some buddies, I was really hearing it at Halftime. This game looked like the exact opposite. Then - some 2nd Half magic leads to this bet covering easily.

ATL+3 - (L) This was a tough one. Anyone that went with ATL is probably thinking the same thing as I was...YOU ARE A DAMN FOOL, MIKE SMITH! Take the points...3 points was huge in that first spot. Could have completely changed the course of the game.

DEN+8.5 - (W) I was nervous on this pick going into the game...but obviously it worked out. I also took the OVER 34 and covered for another (W)

Season record is now 83-66-7. This week's picks and analysis after the jump.

NO@SF+4 O/U47

DEN@NE-13.5 O/U50

HOU@BAL-7.5 O/U36

NYG@GB-7.5 O/U53

My picks:

NO@SF OVER 47: Hear me out, Alex Smith plays very well against the blitz. NO is gonna blitz the heck out of him. I think he does enough to keep SF in there for most of the game at home in their First playoff game since 2002. On the other side of the ball, NO can score a lot on anyone (see Lion's Defense). I am seeing a 27-24 kind of game.

NE-13.5: Goodnight's been fun while it lasted. Tom Brady is getting up there in age and he knows it. He is not gonna go out like a chump in his first playoff game like the last couple years. He's gonna come out and hang 45 points on them.

DEN@NE OVER 50: On the other side of the ball, NE's defense is awful and we know it. Denver will hang a few early to do their part in getting to 50 total points ala DEN @ BUF (Week 16) and BUF@NE (Week 17). I see the same kind of game.

BAL-7.5: It's Houston, it's TJ Yates...enough said.

GB-7.5: This is the pick I feel least confident in...but, I think GB rolls Eli and the boys at home. I also think there is a lot of emotion in GB right now (obviously with the OC's son passing so tragically). GB is a community like Buffalo... they stick together. Tough times make tough people. I think the electricity in Lambeau is just gonna be too much. Perhaps I read too much into storylines, but that makes it fun for me.

Well, what do you like this weekend? Let's comment away and all cash in. Good Luck!

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