Divisional Round Author-Mod's Pick'em

Despite Ron having an off week the gap remains large between him and Silver, and with the number of game shrinking, Ron may hold his lead.


  1. Ron 167
  2. silverstreak 163
  3. krytime 161
  4. WABillsfan 160
  5. Joe P. 159
  6. Kurupt 152
  7. poz 131

Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz

NO at SF











Game krytime
Kurupt silver WA

Ron Joe P. poz

WABillsfan's Pick Justifications:

San Fran- They have the D, and the surface to slow down the Saints,
and if Alex Smith can keep the O making a minimum of three first downs
a possession, they will win.

Patriots- While the Broncos will keep it close, I just cannot go
against the high powered Pats O running wild with both TE's running
deep on the Broncos safeties.

Ravens- Texans great run ends here, they just cannot stop Ray Rice,
and I think we see Flacco really hit some deep balls on them. I think
this is their year.

Giants- They are on a roll, and with the momentum from crushing a far
inferior Falcons team, they come in ready to take on the Defending
champs. I pick them for one reason, their defensive front 4 are the
only ones I see being able to keep the game in check till Eli wins it
late. If it becomes a shootout, they lose, if its a slugfest, it
becomes their type of game.

Ron's Pick Justifications:

Saints: I really like the 49ers and what Harbaugh has gotten out of Alex Smith. Who would have thought that a former first round bust could turn into a servicable starter with his original team. It's too bad that the Bills couldn't have managed a similar feat with Flowers, (Mike) Williams, Losman, Maybin or McKelvin....but I digress. says that it will be in the mid 60s with very little wind in San Fran at game time. Sounds like perfect weather for Brees to throw it all over (no longer) Candlestick Park.

Patriots: The Broncos didn't hold Brady down last time and won't this time either. I'd love to be wrong, obviously.

Giants: It's my upset pick. The Giants played well enough to be Green Bay in the regular season. Yes, the game will be in Wisconsin this time but the Giants are a bit healthier for this matchup. To me the outcome will rest on the Giants' ability to run the ball. In the last game the Packers were able to really slow down the Giants' runners. If the Giants can be a bit more balanced they have a chance of upsetting the Packers in Green Bay--again, and probably in front of just as many Favre jerseys.

Ravens: I love Houston's defense. I don't love a rookie facing the Ravens' defense; I don't even like a rookie facing the Ravens' defense. This looks like it could get out of hand in a hurry, with INTs coming by the bunches. If there's a Vegas line on a Reed pick-6 I'd be all over it.

Kurupt's Pick Justifications:

Saints - That offense is clicking like no offense has clicked....ever? San Fran has an elite defense and can really get after the QB and shut down the run, but I don't know if that will be enough against Drew Brees and company. I expect the 49ers defense to start out great and keep the Saints in check for the first half, but as they did last week, I think New Orleans runs away with it after halftime. I can't see the 49ers scoring more than 24 points, which I think is the minimum for the Saints. Saints win by at least two scores.

Patriots - Blowout city. Tebow had the game of his life last week, but I think the magic comes to a screeching halt this week. All the talk is about the Broncos and Tebow, while the best team in the AFC continues to go about its business. As it was the last time they play, I think this game isn't close. Pats win by 20+.

Packers - Another team that isn't getting talked about enough, while the opponent is coming in with all the hype. I've heard enough about the Giants this week in NY and how this week is so reminiscent of 2008 and the Giants are hot and yadda yadda yadda. What about the defending champs? The healthy, rested, playing at Lambeau defending champs with the best QB in the league? I think all that hype benefits the Packers and really gets them revved to blow the Giants away. I think it'll be pretty close for a while, but again, the much better team pulls away. Pack by 2+ scores.

Texans - Yeah, I said it. I like the way their defense plays and how effective Arian Foster and the ground game is every week. If TJ Yates can limit mistakes and play efficient football again, I think the Texans have enough to pull the stunner. Expect the Texans to really load up to shut down the amazing Ray Rice and force Wacko Flacco to beat them. If they can do that, I like their chances.

Krytime's Pick Justifications:

49ers - Love the job Harbaugh has done with San Fran, but that Saint offense is just sick right now. Still, I'm going with Harbaugh on a hunch.

Broncos - I like the fact that they're more physical than the Pats. John Fox is a solid coach; would have been a great fit here many moons ago. Plus, I'm going with the guessed it...the Tebow Factor.

Ravens - No faith in Yates (still), and I think Flacco might show up for this game.

Giants - I think they're playing well right now...real well.

Joe P.'s Pick Justifications:

Broncos- If the Broncos don?t turn the ball over, they have a shot.

Ravens- The Ravens D eats Yates for lunch.

Saints- This is going to be a blow out win ?Saints put up 40 plus on Whitner's bad angle takin, twitter trash talkin, coach back stabbin, slow a$$.

Packers- This should be a great game. The Packers O vs the Giants D. I think the Packers are getting healthy at the right time. Factor in home field advantage, and I have to give this one to the Packers.

Poz's Pick Justifications:

Wow I literally agree with everything K says. So for all mine just put in a "see K" BUT I will take the giants over the pack. The gmen repeatedly prove that when they are on their game they are an elite team in this league that can beat anyone. They are peaking. Their receivers are uncoverable and Nicks and Cruz remind me of a young duo of Steve smith and Muhsin Mohammad. Their defensive line is the most fearsome in football and now Brandon Jacobs is running like he did when he was 25. Giants pull the upset

Silverstreak's Pick Justifications:

NOLA - I think offense wins this battle and whitner gets exposed by graham again. I want san fran to win, I just don't see it happening

Patriots - I will root harder for tebow than anyone ele and hope they pull the miracle, but again I just don't see it. Didn't I read somewhere ne did not beat a winning team this year? That's how bad the afc east was....

Ravens - duh? Texans won't be able to lean on arian as much as they did last time and yates doesn't have what it takes

Giants - in my upset pick of the week, the g-men get after aaron and eli has a field day.

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