Dream Draft...(in realistic terms)

1st Round: Courtney Upshaw- Alabama OLB

Why this is a dream pick: Courtney Upshaw would instantly upgrade our D period. He comes from a serious college defense that produced our top pick last year (who is looking like a stud). I say follow up on the Bama trend and take a player who could potentially step in and get 7+ sacks his rookie season. This guy could play DE or LB in any defensive scheme as his size is top notch and his skills are top notch. Take him at 10 and we would see nothing but great things out of this guy....Dareus and Upshaw (those are 2 A+ draft picks two years in a row and have potential to be real big in Buffalo for many years to come)

2nd Round: Bruce Irvin- West Virginia OLB

Why this is a dream pick: While Upshaw is more of a truly shaped linebacker, Bruce Irvin is a pass rush specialist...he is sack hungry and would line up at OLB to be our sack machine that we've been craving. He has raw talent, but if groomed the right way, he could be a big name in the league. I love this pick so much (ah if this happens I'll be one happy dude)

Our Linebackers after rounds 1 and 2: LOLB: Courtney Upshaw MLB: Nick Barnett MLB: Kelvin Sheppard ROLB: Bruce Irvin.

^ That right there would be one of the strongest starting linebacker cores in the NFL over time (or immediately I wouldn't be surprised because Irvin is a stud and Upshaw is a stud as well)

****If Melvin Ingram is available here then this is a toughy for myself...but Ingram is a steal in the 2nd

3rd Round: Tommy Streeter- UMiami WR

Why this is a dream pick: Tommy Streeter is the downfield threat that we need on offense. He would play opposite Stevie with the size/ speed to make a deadly duo lining up at WR. He was a product of a program that dishes some serious wideouts in college and knows how to play the game. He would be a steal in the 3rd round. Ryan Fitzpatrick needs many wide receivers to be successful, and adding Streeter to a lineup including: Stevie Johnson, David Nelson, and Marcus Easley could help our offense tear it up.

Other players: I wouldn't mind us taking Jordan White, Nick Toon, Sanu, or a solid offensive lineman here either. OR adding more defensive talent wouldn't hurt anybody.

4th Round: Nate Potter- Boise State OT

Why this is a dream pick: Having depth on the offensive line is nothing but a good thing. We do not need immediate help on the line (in my opinion) so it is kind of a luxury to stall it out to the fourth to snag a starting calliber lineman. Nate Potter is a great tackle from a great system. He is used to blocking schemes in an offensive that runs trick plays, and with David Lee on board with Gailey, there will be strategic packages in which we will need solid blocking. If Hairston doesn't pan out or gets injured (which happens to majority of our linemen) then we have Potter who is a top notch backup and potential starter in the future.

4th Round: Audie Cole- NC State ILB

Why this is a dream pick: Nick Barnett is aging and we need someone to be able to fill his shoes when his shoes need to be filled. Audie Cole is a fast inside linebacker who could make a solid impact, and is a real nice pick in the 4th. If Sheppard doesn't work out (I think he will) then we have a solid player in Cole. I would personally love this pick.

5th Round: Russell Wilson- Wisconsin QB

Why this is a dream pick: If it were to come down to Russell Wilson and Case Keenum, I would go with Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson led a dominant offensive that featured Monte Ball and Nick Toon who are both great players. Russell Wilson would fit the system and be a solid backup to Fitz. Great pick here.

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